Cynthia McKinney: We Define The System, The System Does Not Define Us!

Abir Alsayed profiles former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney for Al Jazeera in a 25-minute short film:


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  • Scott Arktera

    This is the woman who, during her 2008 presidential campaign, said she had information that 5,000 prisoners were executed and dumped in a swamp in Louisiana. When asked to provide her source she said it was confidential. When asked to provide the location of the swamp, she said she didn’t know. When asked to provide the names of even one victim so the family could be contacted to see if their relative hadn’t been heard of she declined. 

    Luke Rudkowski with a vagina 

    • mysophobe

      Asking questions that someone can’t or won’t answer and claiming it’s proof that they’re up to something is Rudkowski’s stock and trade. Just sayin.

  • BuzzCoastin

    > We Define The System, The System Does Not Define Us!

    remember that the next time you pass through a TSA checkpoint

  • Got my vote

    sounds like she has what politics is lacking around the world.

    • Pb

      and hence the “former congresswoman”

  • Scott Arktera

    she looks a little less sane without the twinkly music and camera filters …

    “The whistleblower couldn’t reveal the information about the 5,000 secretly executed prisoners because … HE SIGNED A NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT!” 


    • mysophobe

      All of your details about the Congressional police incident are completely innaccurate. For starters, there was no VIP screening line. Members of congress don’t get screened but apparently sometimes they get chased down and grabbed in central hallways conspicuously lacking in surveillance cameras. I’m not sure what you’re getting at with the DMORT story. Are you saying that the whistleblower’s reluctance to testify reflects badly on McKinney, or that McKinney is a liar? As far as how she looks without camera filters and twinkly music, I fail to see any relevance at all. Care to elaborate?

  • Marklar_Prime

    By far the best candidate for president that The US ever had an opportunity to vote for.

  • Monkey See Monkey Do

    Colin Powell & Condoleeza Rice remind me of Jewish Nazi’s.