Ecuador To Decide Whether To Grant Political Asylum To Julian Assange

Julian Assange has spent the past two days hidden inside the Ecuadorian embassy in London, with British authorities poised to arrest him the moment he steps out. Ecuador’s president may grant him refuge in South America, out of concern that Assange may be extradited to the United States and put to death. How will it all end?? Via the BBC:

Ecuador is examining the asylum case of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, the country’s president has said. Mr Assange is at the country’s London embassy, where he is seeking diplomatic asylum to prevent him being sent to Sweden to answer accusations of rape and assault, which he denies. Ecuador’s government has said it will make a decision on Mr Assange shortly.

Mr Assange, 40, spent a second night at the embassy on Wednesday. Mr Assange fears if he is sent to Sweden it could lead to him being sent to the United States to face charges over Wikileaks, for which he could face the death penalty.

On Wednesday, Ecuador – whose president has previously clashed with Washington and is a fan of Wikileaks – said it would consult the UK, Sweden and the US before deciding on Mr Assange’s asylum request.

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  1. Note to Ecuador: Do it.

    As I understand EU policy, extradition of prisoners to countries where the death penalty is a possibility is NOT ALLOWED. This never seems to be mentioned; Sweden and England should just tell the US, “Go fuck yourself. We can not and WILL not extradite Assange.”

    • LOL – you think Sweden would do that? Wikileaks already revealed Foreign Minister Carl Bildt has been taking kickbacks from the CIA. This could very well cost his government the next election. You don’t think they’d love to see Assange’s head impaled on a spike in Obama’s trophy cabinet? 

      • The only thing to get is money | Jun 22, 2012 at 3:25 am |

        I can’t believe the fucking nobel peace prize was given to the fucking mad man Obama promoting violence and American authority in the world! Fuck The US government fuck the nobel committee!

  2. Proud Obama Supporter | Jun 21, 2012 at 5:29 pm |

    GO OBAMA! You got Osama – now get Assange! YAH – burn that Australian bitch, baby! 

    This is why I voted for Big O in ’08 and when I’m voting for him in ’12! 

    • Osama’s corpse has been rotting in a bombed out cave in Afghanistan for years and years. Gotta keep the idea of the bogeyman alive until the right time for the photo op…the psyop. Now they’ll need to invent a new bogeyman. Keep your eyes on London.

  3. The only thing to get is money | Jun 21, 2012 at 7:12 pm |

    He could face death?!!! For publishing the truth??!!! Oh well what else is new?

  4. the chess game between Assange & The Land of the Free is spectacular
    every time the fascists think they got him checkmated
    he springs another unexpected move
    eventually they will drone him
    that’s why they are called The Land of the Free

    • “eventually Obama will drone him”


      don’t depersonalize war crimes from the man who is engineering them

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