Enraged Fast Food Customers Go Crazy (Video)

The final “nail-in-the-coffin” proof, perhaps, that junk food turns people into crazed psychopaths, courtesy of Anderson Cooper. The best part of the video is towards the end when a woman smashes her fist through the partition to get at the cashier:


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  1. I can absolutely positively empathize with these people.

    It’s not that they forgot his taco, or hot sauce, or made the burger wrong one time… it’s that they repeatedly make the same damn mistakes.

    I don’t think I’ll mention some of the ways I’ve (over)reacted to repeatedly poor customer service in my younger, stupider past, but I will offer the advice that if you’re going to ram something with your pickup truck, generally you should use reverse and ram with the bed of the truck, not the front.

    • It’s fast food. You are paying the absolute minimum for what you are eating, and then you expect the customer service of a full service restaurant? You are truly nutty.

      • fat food is still premium price.  dollar menu is lowest price 

        • DeepCough | Jun 1, 2012 at 11:36 am |

          Chipotle is what you call ‘premium price,” because they actually use real meat in their dishes.

    • You know what I do when a restaurant repeatedly fucks up my orders?

      Go to a different restaurant.

      • Well, you can play whack-a-mole if you want, but I’m willing to make them raise the bar across the board.

        Probably the most politically correct answer is to take them to small claims court every time they fuck up, but I don’t have the time or money for that.


        • And you can try teaching pigs to fly if you want, but I’d rather eat good food.

          • So would I.

            But when I can’t I eat at restaurants.

            They promise certain things in exchange for my time and money.

            And when they fail to deliver what is promised, I force them to, if possible.

            If I cannot force them to live up to their half of the contract we’ve engaged in, I punish them.

            Surely that makes sense, even if you’re not insane.

          • Not for long.  Doing the same thing over and over–like going back to a rotten restaurant–and expecting a different result, is, some say, a good definition of insanity.  I’ve found restaurants that serve decent food and deliver what they promise, and I don’t waste money or time to those that don’t.

          • That’s nice if you never leave your home town.

            But, if you go out to unfamiliar places or find yourself somewhere that only has 1 or 2 different restaurants then that may not be an option.

            If I have more than a couple of problems with a place, I try not to go back there, and not just because of the trespassing warrants.

            But really, we’re not even talking about that. We’re talking about someone promising something then failing to deliver.

            In those cases, if you have to use violence or threats of violence to gain their completion of the transaction, I’m totally cool with that.

          •  really violence over bad food, you sir are either crazy or trying to be either way it’s stupid.

          • Really, fast food isn’t the issue, but that does seem to be the context for this discussion.

            The issue is how do you handle a business practice that is predicated on consistently breaking contractual promises.

            In a perfect world, I suppose that the courts would handle this.

            Sadly, this isn’t a “perfect” world and so contract enforcement sometimes falls to each of us individually. 

            Sorry it offends you that I won’t take it laying down.

          • Anonymous | Jun 1, 2012 at 8:38 pm |

            I can safely assume you have accidentally failed to fulfill a promise in your lifetime. I can safely assume that because no one is perfect, including you.  I can guarentee that you have made a mistake at your job. Did your boss threaten to beat you?

            So imagine that next time you accidentally forget to take out the garbage when you promised your wife you would… and then she cracked you in the face with a frying pan.

            “We’re talking about someone promising something then failing to deliver. In those cases, if you have to use violence or threats of violence to gain their completion of the transaction, I’m totally cool with that.”

            As long as you are cool with that then I totally withdraw my statement. Violence is never the answer. People aren’t perfect. Deal with it.

          • You’re right. I have definitely made mistakes.

            But what I don’t do is make a living from from a plan that involves constantly ripping people off in one way or another.

            As a result, I’m actually quite selective about who I work for and the type of work I do.

            I have definitely quit jobs because I didn’t like how clients were being treated.

            If you take money from an organization in order to help them achieve their agenda, then you become a party to whatever good or bad that organization does.

            “Just following orders” doesn’t cut it.

            We’re not talking about somebody making one wrong burger here, we’re talking about endemic or even systemic wrongdoing by organizations.

            People finally just get tired of getting fucked over time and time again and finally they lash out.

            Now I’m called insane, or stupid or a moron,  or whatever else because I’m honest about that happening to me?

            That I don’t have unlimited forbearance for groups that are trying to nickel and dime me to death and offer me shabby treatment in the process?

            Violence is generally wrong, but it is not always wrong.

            I have no compunction about employing it against anyone who is trying to steal from me.

  2. If you empathize with the crazy people who resort to smashing their vehicle into a building, or punching a hole through a drive through window, then you are clearly just as insane as they are.

    There’s no reason whatsoever to resort to any kind of violence or vandalism over an error in fast food.

    I’ve had mistakes made on my order.  Simply walking into the restaurant, or driving back around the building and explaining the mistake was just as… no, it was more effective than any of those tactics because in the end I get my food and I get to drive home without the risk of being arrested.

    Finally, if fast food is making you this angry, perhaps you should make some changes to your diet.

    • Well, I’m wearing a fake Hockey mask in my little picture for fucks sake. Why would you need to state the obvious – that I’m insane.

      And yes, there is need to resort to violence and vandalism over errors in fast food or in any other endeavor where people repeatedly promise one thing, then fail to deliver and cause some amount of harm as a standard business practice. 

      By damaging property (and sometimes people) you increase costs for the business and signal to them that their current method of operation is not sustainably profitable, therefore they need to reorganize their processes in order to prevent further damage and protect profits.

      Corporations don’t understand anything but profit or loss.

      As far as a fast food diet being linked to insanity as expressed in violent behavior (a connection I reject), people have always been violent and I’ll posit that generally the level of violence has gone down as the level of fast food availability has risen.

    •  The message is that drug addicts act like drug addicts when the source of addictive junk chemicals in their junk food is cut off. They are no longer making sane rational choices they are pursuing a drug addiction.

  3. DeepCough | Jun 1, 2012 at 10:50 am |

    Hmmm….. If high fructose corn syrup can make you stupid, and since fast-food restaurants are teeming
    with it in just about all of their products (which makes them inexpensive to purchase), something
    tells me that chronic consumption of fast food is gonna make ya do somethin’ right stupid.

  4. Expecting to build and run the most complex and sensitive tissue in the known universe on fast food garbage and have it work even remotely good is fucking retarded and insane

  5. Calypso_1 | Jun 1, 2012 at 12:12 pm |

    In most circumstances I take a wrong order as an opportunity to be surprised and thankful for the ready abundance of food that is available in our culture.

    • I’m sure that in most circumstances you do, but I’ve got the notion that you’re descended from hill folk, just like me.

      So I know that sometimes you can hardly resist the urge to reach across the counter, grab the idiot by the back of the head and mash their stupid face into the feculent countertop that the opening crew didn’t clean because they had to make up for work that the closing crew didn’t do because the manager wanted to save a few bucks on labor…

      • learn to cook, dumbass | Jun 1, 2012 at 5:33 pm |

        Your a fucking moron. Please don’t make children… do us all a favor and promote some violence on your self, no need to wait for natural selection

        • You’re in luck.

          Not only have I been careful not to have any kids, I’ve paid good money to have my failed efforts in that regard scraped out and run down the drain.

      • Calypso_1 | Jun 2, 2012 at 2:26 am |

        We do seem to have an hereditary and carnal pulse for the more personnel meting out of justice through mayhem. Such violence, I believe for our kind, merely whets the appetite for the sanguine ecstasy not often unleashed in more civilized society but once wielded by those known as berserkers. As for myself, I have honed such belligerencies into an assortment of glances and evil eye that assure would be adversaries that they are best not to continue past cross ways look, lest the harm that would thus befall would be grave indeed.

        This sir, owing to your knowledge of such folk, I trust will make you smile ; )

    • sam23sirius | Jun 1, 2012 at 2:33 pm |

      Taco Bell is Phude, not food.

  6. Did anyone notice that he made a completely racist comment about the taco bell employee running for the boarder

    •   The “make a run for a border” is a slogan for Taco Bell, there was nothing racist about it.

  7. Did he seriously say “Make a run for the border, make a run for cover…”?

  8. Hadrian999 | Jun 1, 2012 at 8:13 pm |

    still not as funny as the texas tacobell rampage

  9. with all the chemicals (drugs) in the fast food
    (you know, the ones that make it seem more like real food)
    it’s not surprising that a low dose or no dose of food chemicals
    could cause serious withdrawal symptoms such as rage

    notice how no one gets worked up when the constitution is abrogated
    or freedom is restricted by law
    but short me a taco and I’m all agro  
    welcome to the land of the free

    • I see your point, but if someone isn’t willing to stick up for themselves for something as immediate and personal as the food on their plate, there’s likely no way they’re going to be able to work up some moral outrage over nebulous concepts like “Due Process” or “Right to Peaceably Assemble”.


      • I see your point too.
        However, that stuff is not food.
        But the drugs in the food are the cause of both:
        the rage of drug deprivation and
        the passivity towards enslavement by the elites.

        it’s not just about food-drug addiction
        it’s about control of the masses
        with masses of drugs and regulations

        • coffeepotdome | Jun 1, 2012 at 10:11 pm |

          This is why I believe we must push to get real food on our plates, or takeout bags rather than what passes for edible such as RoundupReady crops, LFTB etc. However the general public is also content with the fact that they can get a strawberry banana milkshake year round for only $1.99

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