Eventually, Time Itself Will Come To A Halt

 Wondering about the end of everything? At some point, the world may freeze into a single giant photograph-like state, for eternity. Via Unexplained Mysteries:

In a startling new theory, scientists have predicted that the passage of time will stop altogether.

The theory is based on research conducted at two Spanish Universities aimed at explaining why the expansion of the universe appears to be accelerating, a conundrum that has puzzled scientists for years. What they came up with was the notion that the expansion of the universe isn’t accelerating at all; instead time itself is slowing down at an imperceptible rate and that eventually it will stop entirely, resulting in a perpetual static snapshot for the rest of eternity.

“We believe that time emerged during the Big Bang and if time can emerge, may disappear as well as the opposite effect,” said cosmologist Gary Gibbons.

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  1. Wow, if you have a PHD you can use troll logic!? Excellent

  2. Nothing scientific here, move along. 


  3. They where trippin when they make such “discovery”?

  4. stop! hammer time.

  5. Bible verses written over 2000 years ago mention that “time began.” Three such verses from the CEV version are shown below:

    Isaiah 48:16 Come closer and listen! I have never kept secret the things I have said, and I was here before time began. By the power of his Spirit the LORD God has sent me

    2 Timothy 1:9 God saved us and chose us to be his holy people. We did nothing to deserve this, but God planned it because he is so kind. Even before time began God planned for Christ Jesus to show kindness to us.

    Jude 1:24 Offer praise to God our Savior because of our Lord Jesus Christ! Only God can keep you from falling and make you pure and joyful in his glorious presence. Before time began and now and forevermore, God is worthy of glory, honor, power, and authority. Amen.

    •  Please, you’re going  to try and pull that ignorant Bible-knuckle dragging explanation for everything out of the dustbin? PFFT.

      • The ignorant knuckle dragger wss who got your mother pregnant with a turd like you.

    • Anarchy Pony | Jun 21, 2012 at 12:11 am |

      So to paraphrase; “No, ’cause Jesus.”

    • Corndog49 | Jun 21, 2012 at 12:43 pm |

      The Bible is a bunch of bull. I believe in science over everything, including religion.

    •  Do you have a point with those quotes, or are you just telling everyone that you’re a Christian?

    • ya… i don’t think that’s what those scriptures were referring to.  Says nothing about time coming to an end or time being brought about by the big bang, not to mention all the other things he decided to leave out such as the world being round, or the fact it orbited the sun, and all the things decided to be included such as Numbers 31 where rape, genocide, and slavery are commanded by who… ? the lord…  

    • I would just rather assume your retarded and then move along. However, I realize the mentally challenged have better logic than you. 

      • Its far more logical and a much better assumption that Jamal is mentally retarded.

    •  so…..where in the Bible does it say the Earth revolves around the Sun?

    • Great point – God’s word states that time began thousands of years before Einstein imagined such things.

  6. Terence McKenna predicted this with the collapse of his Time Wave function.


  7. Time “Halting” is largely a misconception and poor attempt to explain what occurs in such a cosmic event. Also called the “Big Freeze” as opposed to a “Big Bang” it’s a description of when time itself cannot be observed as passing, not that time itself ceases to pass “for the rest of eternity”.

  8. greengestalt | Jun 20, 2012 at 9:34 pm |

    Uh, scientists can’t figure out gravity and time.  They can measure it, calculate for it, etc.  But they have NO IDEA WHATSOEVER how it works.

    However, gravity is a real phenomenon, instantly reaching across the universe where the other forces cancel outside of minimal or even severely limited ranges.

    Likewise, some of them even barf out time doesn’t exist in frustration to have no idea how it works beyond observing it.  However, it does exist and satellites have to account for differences their higher speed (relativity) create to get GPS working correct so it is truly different from one place to another based on relative speed/distance so therefore there has to be time existing as a force in the universe.

    Know what this sludge they puke out is based on?  If time is infinite than X number of “Effectively impossible events” by low probability will have to occur, so technically the universe should be full of them already.  They can spoon feed this all they want, it’s in pure contempt that there are larger systems at work than “The universe” as we know it.

    •  Gravity does not reach out “instantly”, the effects are limited by light speed.

      And it is also not true that we “have no idea whatsoever”.  Actually we have a lot of ideas, we just don’t know which, if any are correct, thus we continue to study and learn.

      No-one seriously says that time doesn’t exist, they disagree on why it exists and what causes it.  That is a big difference.

      • The speed of light is NOT a limit. I don’t blame you for your ignorance of this either. It’s a very touchy subject. For example: Longitudinal electromagnetic wave pairs and their phase conjugates can transmit information at much faster than the speed of light (C). 

        E=mc2 was beautiful, but it is completely false.   

        • Don’t confuse matters of scale.  Quantum tunneling takes place faster than light, but only at Plank scales and information is garbled during transmission, rending this effect nearly useless.

          For macro-scale objects and for information light is indeed a barrier.

          E=mc^2 is not wrong, merely incomplete, just the same way Newton’s formula for gravity is not wrong, just incomplete.

          I don’t blame your for your ignorance, but you may need to do some more studying.

  9. time is a concept
    that concept came to an end with the invention of the telegraph
    when everything became all at once
    we are still struggling to integrate this change into our experience of “reality”

    •  Time is not a concept.  Stars burning through their nuclear fuel in sequence, planets having orbits that sweep out equal ares in equal amounts of time, radioactive half-life, limitations imposed by distance and light speed, and senescence of biological organisms are real things that take place over a period of time.  The word “time” is a concept, but time itself is a product of the spatial dimensions and physical properties of the universe we live in.

      • stars burning & planets following a gravitational orbit are not examples of time
        half-life is measured in time, but doesn’t require time to work
        speed limits are human concepts about travel through space
        of which time is a component

        in physics
        if you measure time you also measure space, because they are the same thing
        in normal day to day speech, time is separate from space
        it’s a concept used to explain the changes in space/time
        like burning stars, half-life and other such 3 dimensional activity

        time the concept went away with the new, electric all at once environment
        created by the telegraph
        now everything past is present and now, the future looms large upon us
        because of the all at once nature of electricity

        but when it comes to the 19th century notion of time
        you nailed it

        • Buzz, those things DO need time to work.  Without time the systems is static and never changing, stars do not age (indeed they never form), and nothing happens.  Time is the rate at which things happen, it is the 4th dimension of our universe (or at least half of the 4th dimension).

          You are confusing cultural/philosophical concepts with the mathematical and physical nature of the place we live.

          •  check Feynman’s lecture on Space Time
            and then let me know what you think

          • If you’re referring to the lecture he gave at the Nobel Price acceptance speech (http://www.nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/physics/laureates/1965/feynman-lecture.html), you might want to re-read it.

            At no point does he ever say that time does not exist.  No-where does he either say or imply, indeed everything he brings up explicitly relies on time existing.

            What he does do is propose the bi-directionality of time, something physicist have long considered to be a real thing, but has still remained untestable.  The other 3 spatial dimensions we occupy are bi-directional, but time, in our experience is uni-directional.  He uses the bi-directional aspect of time to explore the idea of a single universal electron and the idea of a backwards traveling electron being a different particle, but even there he never claims that time does not exist.

            Indeed, he explicity states that it does so, “three dimensions of space and one of
            time,” as he says in paragraph 48 (or thereabouts, I may have lost count while scrolling down the page).

            I still maintain that you are jumbling several different ideas of time and, perhaps, misapplying them.

            Neither of us is even remotely as intelligent as Feynman, and it’s highly likely that we are both wrong when it comes to interpreting his ideas, but even with that being the case, as a scientist, I never let my thoughts be led by those of a single other person.

          • no, I’m referring to
            Feynman’s Lectures on Physics, Lecture 17

            time as you are using it is a concept
            time, as dimension
            cannot be fully explained or understood using reason

            your concept of time is structure by
            language and your senses
            and that concept is as old as your language
            we haven’t yet developed language to describe
            our new experience of all-at-once time

            “This completes the story of the development
            of the space-time view of quantum electrodynamics. I wonder if anything can be learned from it. I doubt it.”
            Dick Feynman,
            Nobel Lecture 1965

          •  Perhaps we should just agree to disagree. 

            I went back and watched that lecture again (I’d forgotten I’d watched it years ago) and still think you are very, very confused in your terms, use of language, and conceptual understanding.

          • Feynman Lectures Vol 1 Ch 17

            As Minkowski said, “Space of itself, and time of itself will sink into mere shadows, and a kind of union of them will survive.”

          •  Yeah… see previous comments.

  10. I doubt it | Jun 21, 2012 at 10:47 pm |

    The big bang never happened according to some researchers which is widely unpopular within the scientific community as a whole, watch this:


  11. Polypsism | Jun 22, 2012 at 4:47 am |

    Maybe time slows down to a stop and then starts running backwards like in the UK television show Red Dwarf in the episode called “Backwards.” The crew ends up on 1989 Earth where this is precisely what is occurring. They then get jobs as entertainers making use of their unique ability to do things forwards which is quite unusual for people in that world.

  12. B.S. –  Time is nothing but a measurement between the action of activities of everything.  Time, itself, therefore is nothing…. it has no weight, smell, taste, etc., etc.  Therefore, since it is nothing, it can’t stop, start or do anything.

  13. lol typical of humans to believe that if they dont exist then time does not Time is the unseen god the unseen entity that dictates everything living dead or immobile Time has always existed that is a fact that scientists cant refute the big bang is still a theory last time I checked the big bang is about as real as god is………planets will die the universe may die but Time itself will not its non existing while existing when any and all life is gone including the universe Time will still be standing observing and waiting scientists always need to have a answer and there never gonna have one when it comes to the pathetic thing humans call existence they just wont let up and face the facts that we live in a eternal existence that has never ceased or began the big bang theory is one of the most flawed theories out there think of it like this if the big bang was just a hot dense state collecting and building then time and existence had already been in full swing and since it had been expanding for so long then time already had its finger wrapped around it the whole time this is why I hate humanity they can never just FUCKING be happy with what they have seriously proving how existence began how is that gonna FUCKING change our lives? oh wait its not its not gonna stop me from working out its not gonna stop me from getting high and the universe is not gonna stop me from going to fuck my girlfriend right now PEACE I’m out

  14. not to mention that when life ends it shows pattenrs of restarting so not sure why people believe that existence will be gone forever that all being said religion and science go hand in hand both are man made both are supported by close minded douche bags you cant stand and both have yet to prove anything (medical sciences do not count)

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