Fabled Lost City Discovered In Jungles Of Honduras?

The true adventure will begin soon when some brave souls attempt to enter Ciudad Blanca on foot, opening themselves up to deadly curses. The Los Angeles Times reports:

Since Spanish explorer Herman Cortes first noted the existence of Ciudad Blanca, the White City, in 1526, archaeologists, explorers and treasure hunters have been searching for the site, reputed to contain vast wealth. Many have claimed to find it, including the CIA’s Theodore Morde, who based the bizarre travelogue “Lost City of the Monkey God” on it. None of those claims have held water, however, and contemporary archaeologists are not even sure the city ever existed.

But now a team, using laser-based light detection and ranging (LIDAR) from a survey plane, have found the ruins of an ancient city deep in Honduras’ Mosquito Coast region and hidden by centuries of jungle growth.

Ciudad Blanca plays a central role in many Central American stories and mythology. It has been cited as the birthplace of the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl.

The new results, announced this week by Honduras president Porfirio Lobo, clearly show a large central plaza with a major pyramid at one end, smaller pyramids nearby and the remains of other structures around the plaza. Now archaeologists will have to make the trek through the dense forest to visit the site in person and verify the findings.

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    It’s All Happening!

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