Gay Couples Can Marry But Are Wed-Locked With No Divorce In Some States

Amidst all the sturm und drang over President Obama’s endorsement of same-sex marriage, few people realize that even when gay couples are allowed to marry, getting divorced can be a whole other (and much tougher) challenge. Elizabeth Landau reports for CNN:

…Same-sex couples can currently marry in six states and the District of Columbia, and there’s no residency requirement to marry. That means that couples who live outside of those states can just pop in for a day to get married and then go home. There are also five states that allow civil unions.

But if a marriage should fall apart in a state that doesn’t recognize the couple’s legal status in the first place, that’s when things get complicated.

Some states that do not allow same-sex marriages to be performed also do not grant divorces for same-sex marriages that occurred outside of the state’s borders. It’s a tricky situation when a couple wants to dissolve their same-sex marriage, and neither spouse is a resident of a state that recognizes their marriage as legal and valid.

To satisfy the residency requirements, under these circumstances, you’d have to live in a state for six months to two years — depending on local laws — in order to get a divorce from a same-sex partner, said Susan Sommer, director of constitutional litigation at Lambda Legal…

[Full story at CNN]


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  • Zenc

    The delcious irony is that the Fundies are always trying to push for “Covenant” marriages or other ways of making divorce more difficult and instead have inadvertently made “Gay Marriage” the most stable form of Matrimony in America.

    • Calypso_1

      Good God! First it was queer cowboys, now the foundation of holy matrimony, what’s next Gay-Mormon Love Planets?   

      • Jin The Ninja

        that’s delta quadrant stuff.

        • Redacted

          The Founders will not be happy you gave away their secret.

          • Jin The Ninja

            i will send those scheming p’tak changelings screaming to gre’thor on the sharp end of my bat’leth.

          • Hadrian999

            i thought both ends of a bat’leth were sharp

          • Jin The Ninja

            the pointy end anyway;)

  • Potter Dee

    What is it with gays and America’s worst institutions? 

  • DrDavidKelly

    Same reason as to why white people should only marry black people.