Glenn Beck Doesn’t Want To Talk About Bilderberg

Via WeAreChange

Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange talks to Glenn Beck for a little bit, but when the Bilderberg group is brought up, he is ignored. Beck’s security detail at the Faith & Freedom Summit was more extensive then any other politician there. The video you are seeing is the only instance that Beck appeared in front of the public, which made it impossible to hold a dialog.

Here is the video that Glenn Beck used of Luke Rudkowski confronting Cass Sunstein without accreditation:

Here is the original video


Luke Rudkowski is an independent journalist, activist, live streamer and founder of

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  1. Commietheclown | Jun 22, 2012 at 11:22 am |

    I derive no small measure of enjoyment from watching conspiranuts turn on each other.

  2. Why is Disinfo suddenly reposting all the Luke Rudkowski stuff?  All they ever are are him getting shut down by whomever vip he’s harassing about stuff we all already know.

  3. In all fairness, he doesn’t exactly have the best strategy of getting answers out of people like this. Do you seriously except someone to speak to you when you point a camera and shout at them?

  4. Lifobryan | Jun 22, 2012 at 1:14 pm |

    I suspect what was going on inside Glenn Beck’s head during the question was Homer Simpson’s voice saying “Mmmmmm …. Bilder-burgers.” 

    He didn’t want to answer because he was afraid he might drool.

  5. These Luke Rudkowski spam-posts are getting increasingly annoying. It’s just him running around making a fool out of himself, screaming like a crazy homeless guy on the street corner.

    That’s not “journalism” — journalism involves the patient cultivation and interview of contacts, digging through years of archived documents, etc. … I have yet to see Seymour Hersch – a person who has actually exposed government cover-up and conspiracy – run around yelling like an idiot in public.

    The videos are all the same, only the extras change … “Luke Screams at Someone 1”, “Luke Rants at Other Person 2”, “Luke Froths at the Mouth While Screaming at Person C.”

    • I like the videos.

      I’ll like it more when the videos consist of literal shotgun ambushes of the “elites”, but for now I’ll take ranting at them.

      Also, if you’re basing your standards of what constitutes journalism on the behavior of corporate main-stream media, you may want to reconsider.

      • Seymour Hersch is not in the same category as the headline bimbos on MSNBC and FOX. You may want to expand your informational pedigree to include something other than a skateboarder screaming into a camera on YouTube. 

        lowest common denominator

        • As far as Seymour Hersch goes, I’m not familiar with his work.

          Could you link something?

          Perhaps you meant Seymour Hersh?

          I happen to like Seymour Hersh for the most part, but he still self-censors at the request of the establishment.

          Luke Rudkowski, I have the feeling, does not.

          • Luke Rudkowski has never actually investigated, broken or reported a news story either. Standing on the street corner screaming like a madman does not constitute “news reporting” … it constitutes screaming like a madman.

          • So where’s the Seymour Hersch link?

          • Seriously? I misplaced a letter in a person’s surname because the poster before me did and that’s the stand you’re going to make? Really? That’s really on what you’re planning on building your bulwark in this discussion?

            Considering the vast majority of disinfo posters here can’t rub two pieces of flint together to make fire and  slack-jawed oogle at the dancing Pollock Rudkowski and that fat-assed girl with the lazy eye he’s hanging around with in his recent videos as they pound out “omg, Luke he really shuwed teh illuminati thar!” I seriously think you’re treading on shifting ground if you think this is a good approach.

          • I made my point in my response to Yart.

            But I’ll restate it for you since you can’t be bothered to pay attention to things like spelling or comprehending and recalling words:

            I’d prefer to see these elites ambushed and killed with shotguns, but since it’s not time for that yet, I’ll settle for someone ranting at them.

            Also, your use of “Pollock” as a pejorative is clearly racist. That may not bother you, but I find it troublesome.

            Your ad hominid attack against the woman also indicates that your judgment should not be accepted in any matter of intellectual rigor. That, on top of your previously cited lack of attention to detail makes me wonder if you’re always like this or just hitting the sauce a little early on this fine Friday.

          • I regret you find my use of the the phrase “dancing Pollock” to describe Luke Rudkowski troublesome. It is my sincere hope you are able to recover from your outrage and horror. 

            However, making a comment that a woman who has made the choice to put herself in the public eye has been chowing-down on the Hostess Ding-Dongs isn’t an ad hominem attack, it’s a simple observational note. I didn’t disparage whatever her opinion was on the basis of her lazy eye and generous waistline, I made fact-based observations to aid others involved in the discussion in identifying her for purposes of said discussion. 

          • Marcel Marcel | Jun 22, 2012 at 11:46 pm |

            UA – 3
            Zenc – 0

          • mysophobe | Jun 23, 2012 at 12:30 am |

            Yep, Zenc can’t hold a candle to UA when it comes to hating on fatties. Dude seriously hates him some fatties. I wouldn’t read too much into that though. Not like any of us have wives, girlfriends, sisters or moms anyway so who cares.

          • Calypso_1 | Jun 23, 2012 at 12:17 pm |

            Hmmm..dyscalculia.  Do you know what finger I’m holding up?

          • mysophobe | Jun 23, 2012 at 1:42 am |

            I’d love to watch you try to start a fire with two pieces of flint there, brainiac.

          • Calypso_1 | Jun 23, 2012 at 12:10 pm |

            i can start fire with flint, fire bow and assorted unnamed chemicals.  Other than a certain WAC promoter there has been been very little support for these videos on this site.

    • Yeah, i was thinking all the titles should be changed from “Person XYZ doesn’t want to talk about bilderberg” to “Person XYZ doesn’t want to talk to Luke Rudkowski”

  6. That’s guy blocking Rudkowski was jealous Beck’s catamite.

  7. Danielson | Jun 23, 2012 at 12:15 pm |

    Does Luke actually read the comments sections at Disinfo in these videos he posts to see how generally reviled he and his lame-attempt-at-comedy films are here? I’m assuming he doesn’t – that he just raids 100 different open submission websites every time he puts together a new video and spams them up for his view count. Anyway, just wondering. 

  8. | Mar 22, 2013 at 5:53 pm |

    Confronting these liars on video and puttin it on youtube is great fun! Chasin that wannabe internet killer Jay Rockefeller down the hallway was wonderful! You guy’s are a punch of fricken party poopers.

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