Homeless Man in Texas Finds $77,000, Gets to Keep It

Reports Ashley Jennings on ABC News:

A Texas city council ruled this week that a homeless man who found $77,000 worth of gold collectible coins and $100 bills in a river could keep his treasure.

Bastrop City Council voted 6–0 Tuesday night that the money Timothy Yost found while washing his feet in the Colorado River Jan. 18 belonged to him. The city has had possession of the money since that time.

“It was a considerable sum of money, and we anticipated it would draw a fair amount of attention,” Bastrop Mayor Terry Orr said. “The city could have kept the money, because no one came forward to claim it, but we elected not to do that. It’s clearly Mr. Yost’s.”

Yost, 46, said he was close to Fisherman’s Park when he found the money in a bag. He told police he’d kicked it, and the bag made a weird sound. When he opened it up, he found 70 $100 bills and 40 Krugerrand gold coins from South Africa inside…

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10 Comments on "Homeless Man in Texas Finds $77,000, Gets to Keep It"

  1. his body is going to turn up somewhere in the marshes or gutter.

    • “No Country For Old Men”?  Thank you newspaper for giving his full name and location where he found the loot.

  2. Hope he uses it well.  Put it in the bank!

    •  J.P. Morgan/Chase fer sher.

      But first he has to liquidate the gold;
      get an accountant to file his estimated tax form with IRS;
      obtain an address so as to open the account;
      pay about 40% to the IRS, Medicare & SS
      lone money to his loser friends
      and then Captain Morgan, here he comes.

  3.  thats cool and all but why the hell wouldnt he be able to keep it in the first place?

  4. Pretty interesting indication of where the police state is at in Der Homeland,
    a homeless guy turns in gold & cash to the police to see if its OK to keep.

    Nice homeless man; good homeless man. 
    Obedience is essential for Homeland Security.

    • Then they patted him on the head and slipped a nice treat into his waiting mouth.

      Seriously, all credit to the man who “did the right thing” by turning the $$$ in, in case the (previous) rightful owner might have reported it missing. And glad it turned out well for him (so far.)

      I would have expected the result Zenc referred to, namely that the town claim it was “drug money” and keep it for themselves.

  5. I think the Fark Headline summed this one up perfectly:

    “Homeless TX man allowed to keep $77,000 in cash
    and gold coins he found in a park after police inexplicably fail to
    figure out a way to claim it’s drug money”

    • Personally, I’d have gone for “Homeless Man Evidently Hasn’t Seen ‘No Country for Old Men’.”

  6. 6Blackie6 | Jun 18, 2012 at 7:22 pm |

    Can you say “biggest crack rock EVER”!

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