Hospital Takes Art As Payment

From AP on Youtube: Lincoln Hospital in New York City has started a new program that allows artists to trade their talents for health care. For every hour they work at the hospital, the artists will receive $40 of credit towards their health care.

  • Redacted

    Our society really does undervalue Art.

  • Bruteloop

    This is a great thing. But why just artists? Why not anyone who can entertain, create and teach for the good?  How about the old oral tradition. Let’s tell stories again.

  • Biera

    Good job! Excellent example how to get rid of money slavery. Every person has abundance of abilities which s/he can use in exchange with others and that what makes him/her rich. Not money. 
    I just wish poor countries learn from this idea.

  • Sundae Rye

    This could be the start of something good!

  • Sebastjan Kocjancic

    In my country we do net get a bill when going home from the hospital.