Instead of Being Disgusted by Poverty, We are Disgusted by Poor People

Suzanne Moore writes at the Guardian:

She is there whenever I go the shops. Every time I think she can’t get any more skeletal, she manages it. Wild eyes staring in different directions, she must have been pretty once. I try not to look, for she is often aggressive. Sometimes, though, she is in my face and asking me to go into the shop, from which she has been banned, to buy her something. A scratchcard. She feels lucky. “Maybe some food?” I suggest pointlessly, but food is not what she craves. Food is not crack. Or luck. She has already lost every lottery going.

An addict is the author of their own misfortune. Her poverty is self-inflicted. All these hopeless people: where do they all come from? It is, of course, possible never to really see them, as their distress is so distressing. Who needs it? Poverty, we are often told, is not “actual”, because people have TVs. This gradual erosion of empathy is the triumph of an economic climate in which everyone, addicted or not, is personally responsible for their own lack of achievement. Poor people are not simply people like us, but with less money: they are an entirely different species. Their poverty is a personal failing. They have let themselves go. This now applies not just to individuals but to entire countries. Look at the Greeks! What were they thinking with their pensions and minimum wage? That they were like us? Out of the flames, they are now told to rise, phoenix–like, by a rich political elite. Perhaps they can grow money on trees?

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  1. This article, despite being well-intentioned and quite heartfelt, is a travesty of grammar and syntax. Sweetheart, please get someone to proofread your articles in the future, please.

  2. The BBC Documentary is blocked in the US. Try it, all sources are blocked is your IP address originates in the US.

    Just another thing they don’t want us to know. Like the nuclear event in Fort Wayne …

    • Actually, it’s the BBC who does the blocking in this case.

      Easy solution: sign up for Witopia or some other VPN service offering a server in the UK.

      Log in on that server and you’re good to go.

      • ABRACADABRA123 | Jun 12, 2012 at 4:24 pm |
 Is much more simple bro check it out simple as click of switch to go from uk/us

    • ABRACADABRA123 | Jun 12, 2012 at 4:23 pm |

       Download tunnelbear it’s a great ap that lets u switch us/uk ip adress – i use it all time to watch docs/tv it’s great .

  3. Some people have themselves to blame and some dont.

    • Jin The Ninja | Jun 12, 2012 at 2:16 pm |

       and society doesn’t exist, right?

      • Not really for poor people, if there were any “social” support, it would not be so easy to become poor. In this world you have to fight to be part of “society” or make your own. 

  4. PutYourBlindersOn | Jun 12, 2012 at 1:18 pm |

    The structure of the system is to blame. $$$$ is the root of all evil. Everyone can’t be cast from the same mould, that would make us robots. Oh wait, that’s the plan..

  5. So the moral of the story is boys and girls: everyone is adicted to money.

  6. Not all homeless people have it bad

    Some even become famous with a national funeral to send them off.

  7. Ultimately it is undeniable all poverty is self inflicted, it is a choice, fact, live in poverty or attempt to break out of poverty by attempting to kill your oppressors and either succeeding or dying.
    Personally society allowing to care for those that fail is far more reasonable, in the same breath society should endeavour not to reproduce the failure. However there is never any excuse for publicly denigrating, deriding and striving to compound the misery of those that fail to succeed.
    Patience, tolerance and allowing the passage of time with free access to birth control and free psychologically stabilising drugs to alleviate and reduce the problem.

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