LulzSec Speaks: All Your Base Are Belong To Us (Video)

Says FreakOutNation:

With our Global governments stomping out dissent casually, creating distractions such as their acronymic censorship laws, only to put others forth while one is placed in temporary retirement, virtually exhausting the public until they accept authoritarianism, others have stepped up the plate. Ever since Sabu’s arrest, many in opposition to Anonymous and LulzSec thought the game was over — but it’s only reinvigorated them. The following video is done with a Star Wars theme, with the addition of powerful words and visuals:

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  2. Marcel Marcel | Jun 3, 2012 at 11:40 pm |

    10,000 self-congratulatory videos and only a few low-grade denial of service attacks.

    talk about disinformation … *yawn*

    •  Do you really think that the elites secret services
      are reporting all the damage done by the Annon Crew?

      Do you really think that the penetration of the financial computer networks
      is gonna make the nightly news?

      Annon has learned to stop crowing about its successes
      and simply keeps hacking away at the dead wood elites.

      Nonetheless, the greatest threat to the elites
      is their mindless pursuit of Monopoly Money
      regardless of its impact upon their game plan of domination.

      • Marcel Marcel | Jun 3, 2012 at 11:57 pm |

         “Annon has learned to stop crowing about its successes”

        LMAO – sure doesn’t look that way … they hack the email account of a customer service rep at the Bureau of Justice Statistics (LOL) and make 13 videos trumpeting it, beating their chests for weeks and weeks and weeks after …

        anyway, keep dreaming there’s a white knight galloping up to save you

        • maybe rather than bragging, they are attempting to help keep morale high? we need all the help we can get at this point…

      • We arent talking about the nightly news pal, we are talking about the hackers who claim to be able to do it all and do nothing.

    • Exactly! What are they going to do with all their useless data? they keep telling us they are going to do something but all ive seen is a denial of service attack. If you think the goverment cares about websites going down you need a reality check. Stop posting pointless videos and just do something already

      • maybe they are keeping quiet and keeping their heads down til a critical moment? but nonetheless, yeah, everybody who’s awake should be *doing* something, in whatever capacity they can, regardless of whether or not there is somebody else out there supposedly saving the day on behalf of everyone else.

  3. Agreed. If only Anon did have Jedi hacking powers! A few DoS attacks isn’t very impressive. If these guys had any clout they’d be wiping billions from bank accounts and posting secret info daily. And it would be making the 6 o’clock news! In efforts to slay the beast Anon has succeeded in breaking a nail.

    •  Preach! Anon has been an absolute disappointment, I wish they were significant but they simply are not!!! Wow the DOD site was down for 12 hours, what a powerful group of hackers bringing justice to the world. Stop giving these idiots coverage until they do something worth a damn!

  4. It will happen. If it isn’t Anonymous, it will be someone else. You taunt them, you goad them, you beg them. But they want you to find this out for yourself. They want you to take your own life in your hands. They want you to stop living in ignorance, living in comfort in exchange for rights you’ve always had but will have no longer. So enough. ‘You’ do something. ‘You’ go out there and join ‘Them’. ‘You’ go, and make your own way and enlighten those that are untutored. Enough begging, goading, taunting, complaining, and feigned nonchalance. Get up and do something about it!

    • Marcel Marcel | Jun 4, 2012 at 5:32 am |

      “You taunt them, you goad them, you beg them. But they want you to find this out for yourself.”

      oh, so that’s the plan – got it!


  5. Marcel Marcel | Jun 4, 2012 at 5:41 am |

    My FAV Anon “hack” was when they “hacked” the personal email account of President Bashar al-Assad, revealing that – apparently – the Syrian chief of state writes all his emails in English and in a cartoonishly villainous phrasing. Thank goodness Anon was able to “hack” those emails so CNN and other corporate media could use them as another mallet with which pound-away at the drums of war.

    Yes, Anon is a bunch of crusading, anti-establishment heroes, definitely *not* any kind of disinformation campaign whose reveals about the US-Israel are all rather tame-lame snoozefests but whose reveals about US government enemies are all groundbreaking.


  6. Yeah no all of you guys are really underestimating Anonymous, actually look at what they have already done and not these things you focus on which were recent and actually were quite effective.

    • Marcel Marcel | Jun 5, 2012 at 5:26 am |

      “look at what they have already done”

      tell us what they’ve “already done” that’s been “quite effective” (other than make dozens-upon-dozens of promotional videos)

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