Meditation Causes Brains To Grow

Plant food for the human brain. Sprinkle some meditation and watch as your grey matter expands, MRIs reveal. Reality Sandwich reports:

Last week, two University of Oregon scientists published new research confirming and expanding upon previous findings which supported the benefits of a Chinese meditation technique known as integrative body-mind training.

In the concrete physical dimension, the brains of subjects who consistently meditated for a month showed an increase in axonal density, or signaling connections, and growth of the protective fatty tissue known as myelin.

Researcher Michael Posner said, “This study gives us a much more detailed picture of what…is actually changing…we did confirm the exact locations of the white-matter changes that we had found previously. And now we show that both myelination and axon density are improving. The order of changes we found may be similar to changes found during brain development in early childhood.”

  • Calypso_1

    I recall reading some accounts of Chinese monks whose cranial sutures supposedly reopened after years of meditation and formed a new foramen.  Perhaps there is something to ol’ Shou Xing’s noggin.

    • Shrunken Heads

      On that note shall we explore the opposite, when I watch to much TV my brain hurts, could that be my cranium shrinking.

      • Leonid Basin

        I’m loving it!!!

  • Joy Lynn Lewis

    This would have stunning implications for those of us who live with the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.