Misogyny, Misandry, Freedom of Speech … and Video Games

Ally Fogg, writing at Heteronormative Patriarchy for Men:

… I don’t have much in the way of informed opinions about misogyny in video games, I’ll leave that to others. Nonetheless I couldn’t help but be sucked in by the debate surrounding Kickstarter Anita Sarkeesian, as good an illustration as we’ll ever need of the vitriol of the new gender wars. An intense storm of hatred was roused by her modest idea to crowd-fund research into sexism in the games industry. The many thousands of hostile comments posted on Sarkeesian’s YouTube video were of course heavily gendered and sexualised, but so too was some of the retaliation – notably Charlie Brooker’s description of the mob as “idiotic pebbledicks” who are terrified of women.

If one of the worst offences committed by sexists and anti-feminists online is to reduce women and their opinions to their genitalia and sexual worth, I’m not sure how the cause is helped by turning the precise same missiles around and hurling them back in the other direction – however deserving of mockery and disgust the targets might be.  Without doubt, the hate-fest directed at Sarkeesian was repellent and indefensible…

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  1. Women always publicly measure men by their ability to seduce women and then hate them for it. Why, because women in the majority are victims of marketing and as such, act in the schizophrenic manner created, manipulated and demanded by modern marketing.
    As modern marketing often has difficulty to get men to conform as being an individual and free is the most heavily promoted marketing tool (tending to disrupt all other marketing memes, except in clinically narcissistic men), marketings only recourse is to manipulate women into targeting men with peer pressure for failing to adhere to marketing norms in the pursuit of women. Unless of course you are homosexual, if you are not homosexual you will be branded one anyhow as a marketing attack for failing to conform. Marketing norms demanding that men have unsuccessful sexual relations with as many women as possible.
    Women that complain about this should be targeting the companies that spend hundreds of millions of dollars adversing this, not the male victims of it nor the one’s resisting it.

    • At risk of sounding like an ass, maybe this is somewhat of an explanation for the mental-masochism some women are afflicted with: a man calls them out on them being duped into finding these marketed manipulations valuable, and part of them loves them for it. But it is all they know, and they commonly just fall back into bad habits and mindsets.

      Seems like a terrible trap, good men don’t want to sit there constantly being blamed by feminists for everything wrong in the world, even if they “get it”, but they also don’t want to deal with all the women who really DON’T “get it” because they are so entranced by the bright lights and shiny colors of our culture.

  2. Right, because I never play any video games where the male characters and robustly good looking, large, fit, deep voiced, hairy, and usually good with women [or end up getting a girl even if they are too awkward actually get the girl].   This is just another thing women bitch about that men don’t.  

    • Linsang811 | Jun 30, 2012 at 12:47 pm |

      You’re incredibly oblivious if you think there’s no difference between how women and men are objectified in games. Sure, it does happen to men, frequently even. But for every “robustly good looking, large, fit, deep voiced” man you can name, I guarantee you, I can find 100 examples of ditsy, nearly nude, Victoria’s Secret models totally ill-equipped and underdressed for whatever purpose they’re serving except the obvious purpose of standing men’s dicks up.  Why is that? Because games are largely made by men, for me.  Simple, obvious, facts.

      • Remus Celloco | Jun 30, 2012 at 1:12 pm |

         100? LMAO. Those are not facts just your over-reacting imagination. I’ll be surprised if that trollfounded project would find a number that is aproxmately double to that of attractive men – *if* it won’t be a witch-hunt. Which… frankly, being sourced by aggro feminists and postmodernists it will probably be.

  3. I have noted with some amusement the speculation that Anita Sarkeesian intentionally provoked this controversy as a means (apparently wildly successfully) to boost her Kickstarter donations.  After all, she is not treading new ground – ground many, many talented women have mapped because they were interested in the topic – but she is the one who has acted as a lightning rod both for the fury and the defense (so long as it is a defense that waves either donations or publicity her way) by asking for a rather steep figure to make the same sort of YouTube videos other make for free/cheap/whatever advertisers give them.  Of course, that would be horribly cynical.  Certainly, no one would troll idiots simply because there was a good chance they would be well rewarded by their defenders.  

  4. justagirl | Jun 29, 2012 at 3:33 pm |

    contrarily, i would be shocked and worried if my son didn’t like to tie up harley quinn on arkham city and repeatedly remove the tape from her mouth to piss her off.

  5. hey i just met you, and this is crazy. But here is my number, so call me maybe?

  6. bloomingdedalus | Mar 7, 2014 at 8:49 am |

    She’s disgusting… Video games are far more male-hating than female-hating. On the contrary, a huge portion of them are almost entirely about revering females and hating men.

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