New LSD: A Far Out Menace! (Video)

Despite the fact that it looks like the “miami zombie” may not have even been on bath salts, that still hasn’t stopped the rash of “zombie attack” news stories, nor has it even lessened the attacks of the zombies themselves. From the creators of Gonzomentary, this video is a Public Service Announcement developed to help prepare the youth for the New LSDs that are presently in circulation.

James Curcio

I was raped by a family of polar bears as a child and now have a deep seated terror of peanut butter. Psychological transference is weird. Author, artist, freak.
  • MoralDrift

    it was ok…..but the constant “mistakes” in filming were just annoying and not at all representative of this type of tripe

    • Guest

       stfu hipster.

  • guest

    Funnier than REEFER MADNESS!