Public Service Announcement: The Conspiracy Theorist (Video)

Another great video from the guys at JoyCamp, an LA-Based film group: “PSA: Conspiracy Theorist” is a subtle jab at both conspiracy enthusiasts and those who mindlessly dismiss their observations.

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  1. Drum head | Jun 13, 2012 at 3:27 pm |

     a conspiracy is not about having a large group of people after agenda, all it takes are the people with influence and power plotting together. every corporation, organization, institution and group is a conspiracy of sort and thats plain to see. 

    The Occult Assault on Institutions

    by Hakim Bey

    The levels of Immediatist organization:

    1) The gathering. Could be anything from a party to a riot. Can
    be planned or unplanned but depends on spontaneity to “really happen”.
    Examples: anarchist gathering, neo-pagan celebration, Rave, brief
    urban riot or spontaneous demo. Of course the best gatherings become
    TAZ’s such as some of the Be-Ins of the 60’s, the early Rainbow tribe
    gatherings, or the Stonewall Riot.

    2) The horizontal potlatch. A one-time meeting of a group of friends to
    exchange gifts. A planned orgy might fall into this category, the gift
    being sexual pleasure — or a banquet, the gift being food.

    3) The Bee. Like a quilting bee, the Immediatist Bee consists of a
    group of friends meeting regularly to collaborate on a specific project.
    The Bee might serve as an organizing committee for a gathering or
    potlach, or as a creative collaborative, an affinity group for direct
    action, etc. The Bee is like a Passional Series in Fourier’s system, a
    group united by a shared passion which can only be realized by a group.

    4) When the Bee acquires a more-or-less permanent membership and a
    purpose larger than just a single project — an on-going project, let’s
    say — it can either become a “club” or Gesellschaft organized
    non-hierarchically for open activity, or else a “Tong” organized
    non-hierarchically but clandestinely for secret activity. The Tong is
    of more immediate interest to us now for tactical reasons, and also
    because the club operates in danger of “institutionalization” and hence
    (in Ivan Illich’s phrase), “paradoxical counter-productivity”. (That
    is, as the institution approaches rigidity and monopoly it begins to
    have the opposite effect from its original purpose. Societies founded
    for “freedom” become authoritarian, etc.) The traditional Tong is also
    subject to this trajectory, but the Immediatist Tong is built, so to
    speak, to auto-destruct when no longer capable of serving its purpose.

    5) The TAZ can arise out of any or all of the above forms singly, in
    sequence, or in complex patterning. Altho I’ve said the TAZ can last as
    briefly as one night or as long as a couple of years, this is only a
    rough rule, and probably most examples fall in between. A TAZ is more
    than any of the first four forms, however, in that while it lasts it
    fills the horizon of attention of all its participants; it becomes
    (however briefly) a whole society.

    6) Finally, in the uprising, the TAZ breaks its own borders and flows
    (or wants to flow) out into the “whole world”, the entire immediate
    time/space available. While the uprising lasts, and has not been
    terminated by defeat or by changing into “Revolution” (which aspires to
    permanence), the Insurrection keeps the consciousness of most of its
    adherents spontaneously tuned in to that elusive other mode of
    intensity, clarity, attention, individual and group realization, and (to
    be blunt) that happiness so characteristic of great social upheavals
    such as the Commune, or 1968. From the existential point of view (and
    here we invoke Stirner, Nietzsche, and Camus), this happiness is
    actually the purpose of the uprising.

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