Salman Rushdie Fatwa To Be Turned Into Iranian Video Game

The religious bounty on the head of Satanic Verses author Salman Rushie will be the basis for a video game under development in Iran, the Guardian reports:

Salman Rushdie was the target of a notorious fatwa issued by Ayatollah Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic republic of Iran, 23 years ago.

The Stressful Life of Salman Rushdie and Implementation of his Verdict is the title of the game being developed by the Islamic Association of Students, a government-sponsored organisation which announced this week it had completed initial phases of production.

News of the game came as Tehran on Tuesday played host to the country’s second International Computer Games Expo. Little has been revealed about the game but its title suggests players will be asked to implement Khomeini’s call for the killing of Rushdie.

  • saint_al

     “The Stressful Life of Salman Rushdie and Implementation of his Verdict” as a game title doesn’t roll off the tongue easily, though there might be a translation problem. I can’t see a huge local market here unless it was forced. Prolly a predictable game end.

    • Matt Staggs

      “The Stressful Life of Salman Rushdie and Implementation of His Verdict” actually sounds like a Rushdie short story title, ironically enough. 

    • Haystack

      And it’s got what? One enemy? And he’s an author?  

  • Redacted

    These assholes can’t even kill Salman Rushdie, but they are a threat to the world. You have to be kidding me.

  • Jose

    It’s about damn time.

  • Zenc

    When I was younger, I wondered why Salman Rushdie didn’t just take some of the money from  his book sales and put out a hit on the people who put out a hit on him.

    Also, I was wondering that earlier today.

  • Payal

    Surely it will an interesting game…………
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  • DeepCough

    If I were Salman Rushdie, I’d think this idea was morbidly awesome.