‘See Something Say Something’ Phone App Unveiled For Mass Transit

 Did you know that Big Brother is a crowdsourcing project? The ELERTS Corporation on their See Say App, which the greater Boston area’s Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority is urging commuters to adopt:

The app is designed to let riders easily and instantly report suspicious activity to Transit authorities with their smartphones – crowdsourcing public safety with thousands of eyes and ears on the ground. When people see something, they can send something – with photos, text and incident location details that go directly to Transit Police.

“If you see something, say something” is a public safety campaign widely promoted by railway transit systems and airports worldwide. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is promoting “See Something Say Something” to urge citizens to be alert and to help keep each other safe.

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  1. Yep, saw this coming a long time ago.  ‘Hyper-Snitch’ Society.  You are and always will forever be watched. 

  2. Every citizen a High School hall monitor? Unlikely. 

  3. could have been done with a simple email address. Wasting money on useless app development. 

  4. But there’s not any cell phone coverage inside subways…

    •  You clearly have never ridden the Red Line in Boston.  Full bars of service.  Some of the other lines, not as much, but it’s also worth pointing out that the MBTA subways aren’t all underground (A), and (B), the MBTA also is in control of the municipal bus system, the commuter rail system, and a few other transportation systems. 

    • they have wifi in the trains i think, which for data is a little faster.

  5. How about you take that app and take pictures of your elected officials and point out their anti-constitutional voting habits. Which to me, is a greater threat than the fantastical terrorist the government is so very afraid of. 

  6. finally something to complete the Rat Fink Nation
    no more having to use a phone to call 911 for the Nanny Patrol
    now you can rat-out anyone who annoys you with an app
    which is why they call that place
    The Land of the Free

  7. Camron Wiltshire | Jun 21, 2012 at 11:07 pm |

    Once upon a time in Atlanta…. I was riding MARTA, decide to take video footage from the front of the train facing the oncoming tracks.  Being an artist and what not.  The Engineer basically has a conniption, I told her, “It’s ok, I’m an Artist.”  Somewhat jokingly and just to relax the mood as I was absolutely harmless.  Well apparently her DHS training kicked in and she decided I must be a terrorist for taking “suspicious” video of the tracks on the shittiest subway system in the country.  She proceeds to kick everyone off the train and turns off her station designation lights and hauls ass out of there, simply because I took video. 

    I recall the orange sandwich board signs instructing passengers that their bags may be searched as their was an increase in the threat designation level or some such propagandist bullshit….

    I imagine if she had this app, she would have used it, and I may have been tasted and accosted for daring to film the trains comings and goings…  

    • Is there actually a light on trains / public transportation that signals people their bags are about to be searched in the US?

  8. MoralDrift | Jun 22, 2012 at 2:28 am |

    Just another step on the path

  9. mysophobe | Jun 22, 2012 at 3:37 pm |

    I doubt that they get much useful national defense information after wasting all their resources wading through the flood of “I see someone in Muslim garb and my spider sense is tingling.” More likely it serves as a method for the military/media industrial complex to gauge the saturation and effectiveness of various fear-inducing psyops in order to refine and improve them. Like the Nielsen ratings for fear mongering. Nothing loosens the taxpayer’s purse strings like good old fashioned pants-pissing fear.

  10. Can we call if we’re bored and see some guy’s ass crack? How about someone brushing their hair. It’s something. We have eyes, we see something all day… I think we should. The nazis deserve it.

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