Solyndra Redux: Anatomy of a Political Hit Job

John Atcheson writes at Common Dreams:

Republicans have launched a full-scale attack on clean energy, and Solyndra always seems to be exhibit A in their assault.  Recently, Romney went so far as to fabricate tales of Obama showing favoritism in this Bush-initiated loan – a whopper even by Romney’s record of complete disregard for the truth.

It’s worth reexamining this whole thing, because Solyndra is actually exhibit A in how the Republican Party manufactures failure out of whole cloth, and what it costs us when they aren’t confronted by Democrats or held accountable by the media.

To understand the full treachery of Republican attacks on Solyndra funding, it’s necessary to understand a little about venture capital investments…

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2 Comments on "Solyndra Redux: Anatomy of a Political Hit Job"

  1. two inveterate liars
    square-ff for Bait & Switch 2012
    which liar will prevail?
    who cares?

  2. Ronron4467 | Jun 9, 2012 at 7:21 am |

    Personally I think its great that the USA seems to be doing its utmost to cede dominance of every industry it used to control and lately, trying hard not to contend for dominance in any new industries as well. It all bodes well for a smaller, poorer, less powerful and hopefully irrelevant USA.   

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