State-Sponsored Terrorism Exhibit at The National Archives

Via We Are Change:

Luke Rudkowski and Mark Dice show people waiting in line to enter the National Archives in Washington, D.C. proof that the Joint Chiefs of Staff conspired to commit state sponsored, false-flag terrorism in the U.S. Download the declassified OPERATION NORTHWOODS document here.


Luke Rudkowski is an independent journalist, activist, live streamer and founder of

Luke began his activism at the age of 17 when he was wrongfully accosted and assaulted by the NYPD. In 2006, at the age of 20, Luke founded the independent and grassroots media organization, WeAreChange. Through this organization and the use of social media, he has aimed to inspire those who no longer feel they can trust the mainstream media to become the media themselves. As support for WeAreChange grew, many followers became active themselves and WeAreChange has grown into a global organization with 160 independent chapters around the world.

Through Luke’s activism and journalism he has been able effect legislation and also influence dialog on a national level on important issues such as extrajudicial assassinations. Along with being featured in multiple documentaries, his work has been highlighted in numerous major news publications including CNN, MSNBC, BBC, The London Guardian, FOX, Huffington Post, Rolling Stone, RT, Al Jazeera, among many more.

Luke’s work with WeAreChange has covered a broad spectrum from police brutality, human rights and protests to in depth interviews with many prominent political and influential figures. He is well known for his guerrilla style journalism and confronting prominent governing figures with questions that the public would not hear about through mainstream media. A small representation of his confrontations include Henry Kissinger, Ben Bernanke, Joe Biden, Mitt Romney, Lord Jacob Rothschild, Mayor Bloomberg, Larry Silverstein, and the Rockefeller Family

Luke has traveled around the world covering events, conducting interviews and live streaming protests. On Luke’s work the Village Voice stated, “Luke Rudkowski, whose live stream is one of the most reliable and engaging records of Occupy Wall Street actions.” As some politicians have deemed Luke’s journalism a threat, he has been banned from entering Canada and has been falsely arrested numerous times for questioning people such as Mayor Bloomberg. His reporting has often caused him to face the blunt of police brutality and Luke has been interrogated and harassed by police on many occasions. Police have gone as far as attempting to set up a fake bomb threat in order to refrain him from carrying out his activism.

Celebrity supporters of Luke and WeAreChange include: Rosario Dawson, Roseanne Barr, Rosie O’Donnell, Prodigy, KRS-1, Immortal Technique and Dylan Ratigan.
  • DoctaFoo

    haha! I bet they weren’t expecting THAT ;p.Its downloadable?? I want to look for that link!!

  • Camron Wiltshire

    It is nice to see that more and more people are advancing beyond the programmed patterns of denial and dismissal and becoming aware of the barbaric acts that have been planned and waged in the interest of “national security.”  Kudos to Mark and Luke.  Naysayers, be sure to post your own vids with you doing it the way you see fit.

    • Calypso_1

      That’s fine, post the vids on a site for those who are unaware of the issues instead of one where everyone is.   

      • Camron Wiltshire

        Everyone?  Hmmm ok so you know the opinions and awareness of everyone who ever visits the site now huh?  

        • Calypso_1

          Omniscience is such a burden.

          • Camron Wiltshire

            Don’t you mean misdirected hostilities stemming from a deep personal longing and frustrated desire for human connection, which pours forth as anonymous (cowardly) smarmy vitriol and self-aggrandizing delusion?  That’s what I was getting from you mostly.  Have a seat on my couch, tell me about your Father….

          • Calypso_1

            are you Board Certified?

          • Camron Wiltshire

            I will analyze your neurosis and update your neuronet, 15 credits per session and yes I am certified by the galactic counsel of mental parasitism.  You most likely are addicted to refined sugar which is stimulating your bi-polar tendencies in this forum.  Perhaps sunlight, organic groceries and a girlfriend are in order.  I wish you nothing but love and grace in procuring all three.

          • Calypso_1

            I’m married, rarely use refined sugar, grow an extensive organic garden and would be glad to consider parasites in a differential diagnosis if I were to consult on your inevitable 5150.

          • Camron Wiltshire

            Excellent.  Should I then continue projecting contrary qualities onto you in lieu of presented evidence?  Reciprocity and all.   

    • VoxMagi

      I’m not sure what the root of people’s distrust here is. Here’s some people passing out awareness of the governments direct hand in false flag ops…its hard to see how doing that could serve the government well in any way I’m fairly sure plausible deniability gets damaged by moments like these…and its almost impossible to imagine even the most convoluted federal scheme ending in delivering damning info into people’s hands and instructing them to be more cognizant about their governments actions.

      In cases such as this, where rumors of double dealing seem to dog the heels of the person discrediting the government, I tend to suspect a reverse psy-op with planted rumormongers dispersing doubt into the minds of people and damaging the credibility of the activist. (‘ala Wikileaks leader is a secret US/NATO/Israel plant…ignore anything he says cuz he’s a lying liar!!! And then people jump on the paranoia bandwagon and disregard the damaging info being leaked like good little lemmings.)

      Or maybe I’ve read one too many counter insurgency manuals … 😉 

      • Camron Wiltshire


  • mole_face

    Obviously I could be wrong, but Mark Dice sets off my NARC alarm worse than almost anyone else I’ve seen in the “Patriot” movement.  I could easily picture this guy in a board room debriefing a bunch of fellow cops.

    • mole_face

      Try to visualize the average person in a cop outfit – in a lot of cases, it doesn’t really fit the person. But Mark Dice in a cop or secret service uniform? Perfect match.

      Is this evidence of anything? Nope. The guy’s always seemed really sketchy to me though. I still agree with everything they’re saying here. 

    • Calypso_1

      indeed, and his cohort is a ready made tool.

      • Camron Wiltshire

        Snarky nerd hate from the resident troll.  Big surprise.  

        • Calypso_1

          |Fundamental attribution error

          • Camron Wiltshire

            Nope, I nailed it, to your forehead.  Remember it was you calling a creator a “tool”, but hey coming from someone who maintains an anonymous alter ego to talk shit online, it’s not big surprise you would attempt psychological displacement onto someone else here.  

          • Calypso_1

            Autodidacticism isn’t working out that well for you.

          • Camron Wiltshire

            Yeah, I should probably just resign myself to receiving atta boys from state sponsored authority figures and priests.  They will let me know when I’m good and educated!  

            Thanks for caring :)

          • GoodDoktorBad

            atta boy!!

          • Camron Wiltshire

            I give you all Gold Stars and shiny degrees! Hang them where everyone may see them and slap your backs!  You are Winners in the game of life!  Yes Sirree!  

        • Jin The Ninja

           “Snarky nerd hate from the resident troll.  Big surprise.  ”

          i would say the same to you, but ‘nerd’ implies smart.

          • Camron Wiltshire

            Oh here he goes again, thought we agreed to disagree on damn near everything a while ago. Look, I get it, you need to perpetuate the stereotypical attack against the bullying jocks who probably called you queer, made you feel small and perhaps secretly envied/feared you as you represented a condensation of their own suppressed and circumcised inner feminine.  

            But get this, I’m not that guy amigo so you can talk anonymous shit all day, I’m not the itch your scratching.  Also smart is relative to the task at hand.  Anonymous snarky nerd hate and other ‘pleasantries’ are a giant waste of everyone’s time and satisfies your own pangs for attention and superiority only.  

            Only a complete narcissist would spend so much time posting personal attacks on posts relating to False Flag Terrorism.
            Try to get your priorities straight. 

          • Jin The Ninja

             I think your reaction is worth it.

          • Camron Wiltshire

            “An inferiority complex occurs when the feelings of inferiority are intensified in the individual through discouragement. 
            An individual will always find a reason for their not measuring up. The blame may be placed on their race, gender, genetics, sexual orientation, family, social class, mental health, physical appearance, or any character trait that the individual feels is lacking.  

            An individual will only display their inferiority complex when faced with a task, or problem in life that they do not feel capable of solving or mastering.”  

             Kinda sums you up don’t  it, you’re such a Smart Feller (Fart Smeller) and all.  Yuck Yuck Yuck.  (crushes beer can on forehead, “NEEERRRRDDDDDDSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!” ) *Ogre nooo!! Don’t forget to tivo Glee tonight so you can maintain your composite personality.

          • Camron Wiltshire

            “The superiority complex is one of the ways which a person with an inferiority complex may use as a method of escape from her or his difficulties. She or he assumes that she or he is superior when she or he is not, and this false success compensates her or him for the state of inferiority which she or he cannot bear. The normal person does not have a superiority complex, she or he does not even have a sense of superiority. She or he has the striving to be superior in the sense that we all have ambition to be successful; but so long as this striving is expressed in work it does not lead to false valuations, which are at the root of mental disease.”[4]  
            An individual who is not properly trained to answer life’s problems may turn from striving for superiority in useful ways to that of a personal superiority at all cost. If an individual cannot be better than another on their own merit, they will attempt to tear down another other person or group to maintain their superior position. This can be seen in slavery, and the Nazi’s treatment of the Jews.

            Isn’t irony delicious Jin?  The oppressed uber minority becoming that which he ostensibly despises.  

            Ok, today’s session is over. 

  • GiraffeCrab

    Maybe america is used up and now its time to move onto the next country to take charge and become the next hero turned villain nation. Im not saying the document is not real but on the assumption that it is real, it baffles me that a paper that basicly outlines the patterns leading up to the Afghanistan and Iraq wars but in relation to cuba would be published as it would potentially cause a good amount of damage  to america, especially when it is presented to people that will wildly spread the word about this document to others. It is a very interesting document, very interesting indeed …

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  • Disinfo

    i was able to find the document.

  • Zenc

    I didn’t think there was any question about the veracity of the planned skulduggery in Operation Northwoods.

    I suppose being faced with specific examples as outlined in actual government documents could be a little jarring for some of the people who try to make it day to day on a diet of self-created psychological denial, but I thought that these days almost everyone knows that all governments are liars and killers.

  • Maxde

    Hey, Operation Northwoods, was ages ago. Things like that don’t happen any more…

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