The Biological Warfare Enigma Of Plum Island

From the Montauk Monster to Lyme Disease, New York’s Plum Island Animal Disease Center has been accused of being the source of a variety of biological experiments gone awry.

There is generally a high degree of secrecy about goings on there, but CBS News was recently given some access, as seen in this video report


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  • Andrew Snowden

    I would like to think i am an educated Aussie. I have never heard of Plum Island. It is a better kept secret than he thinks :)

  • Namelesswon

    i’m an uneducated Brit and I’ve heard of plum island.  Says alot about australians

    • Andrew Snowden

      Do you make friends like that??
      If you like to test yourself give me a shot, i think i may shock you a bit :p
      I take it you know about censorship???
      It is my government and i live in the country.
      Your lack of intelligence is showing.