Why Some People Blame Themselves for Everything

Writes Stephanie Pappas on LiveScience:

People prone to depression may struggle to organize information about guilt and blame in the brain, new neuroimaging research suggests.

Crushing guilt is a common symptom of depression, an observation that dates back to Sigmund Freud. Now, a new study finds a communication breakdown between two guilt-associated brain regions in people who have had depression. This so-called “decoupling” of the regions may be why depressed people take small faux pas as evidence that they are complete failures.

“If brain areas don’t communicate well, that would explain why you have the tendency to blame yourself for everything and not be able to tie that into specifics,” study researcher Roland Zahn, a neruoscientist at the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom, told LiveScience…

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  1. Don Felcher-Meadows | Jun 5, 2012 at 10:51 pm |

    This article makes more sense if you change the title to: Why some women blame themselves for everything. Most men might follow the science but the emotional reality of Chicken Little is still overwhelmingly alien.

  2. its my fault others blame themselves for everything. 

  3. Well, I haven’t gone and tried to find the journal where they published their findings yet which is really something I’d like to do considering how vague the article seems to be i.e ‘Side of the skull’? Possibly the author didn’t fully understand? Anyway, it did open my eyes to how these feelings of abject guilt might manifest themselves physically, and how they seem to be hinting at the fact that these things are changed by some concious thought or decision. The possible cure also? Seems to match up with my own experiences at least – the only way out of depression for me was to change alot of thinking habits that had been in effect for a long time.

  4. Easy money for the douche bags trying to keep their jobs in a field that is irrelevant.   Make shit up, ya, that’s it. 

    “Ya, that’s me”. I want to do better. “Yes, that is me”. I made a tiny little error, “Yes, I make mistakes”. Oh shit, I spilled the milk, “I should die”.

    Oh piss……

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