A Hotel On The Moon?

If there’s going to be a hotel on the Moon, does it have to be a Hilton? From BBC Future:

It is more than half a century since the idea of a Hilton hotel on the Moon was first mooted . Ever since, the plan has resurfaced periodically, making Matt Novak wonder if we are now any closer or whether there was ever a plan at all.

In 1958 the Boulevard Room at the swanky Conrad Hilton Hotel in downtown Chicago offered delicious steaks, a lavish stage show, and a curious peek at the future.

At the front of the grand hall was what was billed as the “largest hotel ice rink in the country”, on which troops of tutu-wearing girls danced for the crowds of diners. It was here, in the summer heat of August that black-tie wearing customers were given the first teaser of a legend that survives to this day: Hilton Hotels was going to the Moon.

On stage, the final scene for the dancers was called “out of this world”. Although details of the performance are scarce, a Chicago-area newspaper called the Suburbanite Economist wrote that it was set in a “plush” hotel called the Lunar Hilton. The lavish show caught the writers’ imagination and he took it to its logical conclusion. As the 27 August 1958 edition put it: “this could mean that the Hilton chain is dickering with the idea of opening the first hotel on the Moon.”

Fast forward to 2009 and an episode of the popular TV series Mad Men features the louche Don Draper and his team creating a fictional ad campaign for a Hilton Hotel on the Moon. “I want a Hilton on the Moon; that’s where we are headed,” says “Connie” Hilton at one point. Although the series is fiction, it got me wondering: had Hilton hotels ever really planned to go into space? …

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2 Comments on "A Hotel On The Moon?"

  1. Anarchy Pony | Jul 14, 2012 at 11:32 pm |

    “The humble occupants of Maison De Yakishi bid you welcome!” 

    To be fair though, that was an apartment.

  2. I wonder how many Hilton Honors points the moon hotel will have.

    As a former frequent bizmess traveler
    I can honestly say that Hiltons were always my last resort choice.
    Kinda like if you were in bar at closing time
    and Paris Hilton was your only option… tonight it’s a Hilton.

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