A Most Undependable Weapon: Double Agents

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Via The Daily Beast:

Read a history of double agents during wartime:

The double agent remains the most prized, the most feared, and the most unreliable weapon in the espionage armory. Sun Tzu, the ancient Chinese military strategist, stressed the supreme importance of having a spy within the enemy’s spy camp; double agents plied their shadowy trade to remarkable effect during the intelligence duels of the First and Second World Wars, and the Cold War. And double agents continue to play a vital part in the modern intelligence battle that underpins the War on Terror.

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2 Comments on "A Most Undependable Weapon: Double Agents"

  1. the double agent theory
    might explain how the Nazi Party
    took over the US government
    but it could also be that the US created the Nazi Party
    so the double agent thingy gets kinda complicated
    just like it was supposed to

  2. I’d expect the real danger of double agents is that they inevitably lead to people thinking for themselves, free of propaganda. That guy would would either learn to be a tactical opportunist, or formulate an opinion on what is “right” in the grand scheme of things. Neither of these are exactly what is wanted of a double agent.

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