ACLU Phone App Lets You Secretly Record Police Interactions

An adorable animation unveiling the ACLU’s free Police Tape app, available initially for Android and soon for iOS. You too can be a watchdog!

Citizens can hold police accountable in the palms of their hands with “Police Tape,” a smartphone application from the ACLU of New Jersey that allows people to securely record and store interactions with police, as well as provide legal information about citizens’ rights when interacting with the police.

4 Comments on "ACLU Phone App Lets You Secretly Record Police Interactions"

  1. IT's Beware | Jul 6, 2012 at 1:44 pm |

    I wish they had these out six months ago! Being in the IT field is now synonymous with being in Anonymous, so watch out IT’s! THEY are watching you, especially if you work in a large corporation. If you are an IT or Programmer with liberal views, you are on a very suspicious watch list. They will come with black bags in the night, just like V for Vendetta! If you don’t already have covert surveillance on your home that backs up to a remote server, I highly suggest you make it so. This is not paranoia; if you have watched the changes in our world for the past decade with open eyes, you already understand this. The system will only work for you if you have overwhelming evidence on your side, as well as a support base that remains free to advocate your case. Otherwise, you just might disappear without trial, without notice to anyone else, and without any hope of escape or rescue. IT’s beware!

    • Amen! Luckily for us, we know how to use tech against the pigs who don’t have the brainpower to understand it. Just look at how many of these unAmerican Nazis brutalize peoplein front of a dashcam in their (taxpayers) squadcar. How stupid can you get?

  2. because the Land of the Free
    has more cops than any country in the world
    and more armed cops than any country in the world
    the best defense is to stay clear of them

    but now the Pigs are roaming around looking for trouble
    looking to justify being the most Copped-up Kuntry in the world
    so this app can help
    but good luck getting it activated on the QT

  3. this is a tool that the feds will use as after action reviews to study on how to violate our civil liberties in smarter ways. dont fall for this. it will give millions of training tapes for the elites. just like a quarterback studies footage of games, this will end bad in the long run.

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