Alberto Gonzales Confronted On Torture

Via WeAreChange

Bush Attorney General Alberto Gonzales gets confronted by Luke Rudkowdski of WeAreChange and Abby Martin of Media Roots about torture.


Jan 22, 2002 – Department of Justice memo to White House and Defense Department Counsels regarding the application of the War Crimes Act and the Geneva Conventions. The 37-page memo, written by Assistant Attorney General Jay S. Bybee, is addressed to White House Counsel Alberto R. Gonzales and General Counsel at the Pentagon William J. Haynes II. The memo states that President Bush is not bound by international obligations to Afghanistan because it is a “failed state,” and that therefore the War Crimes Act of 1984 and the Geneva Convention do not apply to prisoners from the Afghanistan conflict. [The memo was released on June 22, 2004. Obtained from The Washington Post website at]

92 percent of the men ever held in Guantánamo are not “Al-Qaeda fighters,” by the U.S. government’s own records.…


Luke Rudkowski is an independent journalist, activist, live streamer and founder of
  • Guest

    Didn’t We Are Crazy already post this one? 

    I guess they need to squeeze a few more hits out to pay for Luke’s new skateboard. 

    • Camron Wiltshire

      Right…. Amazingly 10 people like this comment!  I’m sure it is totally organic and in no way a deliberate smear!  You sir are funny!  Skateboard you say?  More like $ to eat while doing the job the MSM refuses to do!  Keep sucking corporate cock!  

      • Iconography

        You seem like a very angry person. I’m sorry you feel there is a conspiracy out to get you. I hope you feel better soon. 

        • Camron Wiltshire

          Do folks who point out the illegitimacy of “authority” to render torture “legal” bother and anger you?  Obviously this seems to be the case.
          Thanks for padding the comment count by the way.  You can’t win for losing $ucka.

          • Iconography

            “Thanks for padding the comment count by the way.”

            Not 100% sure you understand how this internet thing works, bro. 

            Hang in there. 

      • Iconography

        BTW “doing the job the MSM refuses to do?” 

        You do realize Luke didn’t discover the torture memos, right? You do realize that Luke read about it in the Washington Post (the MSM)? Luke engaged in no journalistic investigation, he didn’t spend months filing FOIAs, he didn’t interview experts, he didn’t work inside sources, he didn’t engage in foreign observations missions, he did nothing. 

        Luke took what the MSM reported and then – 8 years after the fact – ran around with it, waving it over his head, acting like a lunatic. He was only able to conduct his latest video of him failing because of the MSM. 

        Luke isn’t a journalist. Luke is a clown. A total nutter. 

        • Camron Wiltshire

          “A total nutter”  So Luke, by continuing to personally challenge those responsible for enabling policies of torture is in your mind is, “a total nutter.”   

          Sorry I haven’t seen any MSM confront Gonzalez recently, if they did, well that minute portion deserves credit, but this again has nothing to do with your smearing and disparaging Luke on completely irrelevant grounds now does it?

          “8 years after the fact” Guantanamo is still open right?  Still have CIA rendition sites and still using 9/11 as a pretext to wage preemptive war right?  Don’t give me such a weak retort and expect to be taken seriously.

          Who are you to say this?  Just another anonymous troll, and yes fake asses like you make me angry.

          He is a journalist and he has more balls than fake cowards like you who feel the need to spite from the safe and anonymous range of your keyboard.

          Do folks who point out the illegitimacy of “authority” to render torture “legal” bother and anger you?  Obviously this seems to be the case.

          • Iconography


            take a valium, bro 

      • JaceD

        Funnily enough the names Rfvrr, E E, UA and M B can often be found liking the same comments as “eachother”, hardly posting comments “themselves” but always appearing “together” to share the exact same view.

  • Jeanine9

    Someone should ask Luke if he lied when he took the Donations for WRC
    and used them to pay for his personal expenses?  

    • Camron Wiltshire

      Wow, so obvious somebody needs to hate on Luke and WRC.  Must have something to do with oh I don’t know, exposing lies, murder, corruption and those responsible.  Nice to see you are dropping outdated smear tactics though “Jeanine9” who just so happens to never frequent this site until today.  

      • Calypso_1

        I’ve been here a while and will second the question.

        • Camron Wiltshire

          Since all you seem to care about is killing another messenger just google Bob Tuskin, Luke Rudkowski, Donations and listen for yourself.  Luke aint got nothing to hide. 

          Glad to see you are attacking activists instead of doing anything productive to bring light to the darkness.

          As a WAC member I can attest personally to the infiltrators who attempted to co opt our own ranks and use divisive tactics and accusations to try to bring down members and chapters.
          It won’t work because we are bigger than their lies.It’s sad to see so many internet trolls with “e”(electronic) courage  talk shit all day about people who fight for their liberties and what really matters.  This is the thanks we get. Luckily we have real folks who understand why we do what we do and support us to make up for the lames such as yourselves.  

          • Iconography

            “JUST GOOGLE IT!!!!!!!!” 

            the classic response when no response is possible

            I don’t know anything about whether Luke has or has not been siphoning donations into his skateboard fund. All I know is that he has a large back tax bill in New York. 

            Also, one is either an “activist” or a “journalist” … the terms are, almost always, mutually exclusive. Luke is not a journalist. (It’s probably a stretch to call him an activist, either, though I know the UFO community thinks they’re passionately advocating for the most important things in the world.)

          • Camron Wiltshire

            Not really.  I just wanted you to do a little work for it, but obviously your not up to task.  

            I usually don’t feed the trolls but since this old lie is slow to die 


            @ 18 minute mark is especially for you.

            I don’t care who has a tax bil, do you understand that the entire IRS and FED is fraudulent?  Why are you concerned with Luke and not the fraudsters who give away 27 trillion dollars and assign it as debt to the hapless masses?  Why? Because you are a troll with an agenda obviously

            You pronounce so many things and yet understand nothing, amazing.

            Get over yourself.  Do something good for other people sometime, do that instead of trying to tear down good people.

          • Iconography

            I listened to Luke’s rant from 18:00, as you suggested, and continued to 19:00. I didn’t hear him address his decision not to pay New York state corporation taxes like the little people have to pay or the other poster’s allegations (which I’ve never heard before this thread) of “skimming” money. 

            Sorry this thread didn’t work out for you. I hope you get the help you need. 

          • Camron Wiltshire

            His “rant”.  Right.  What about your rants again?  Isn’t that what this is all about anyway “Iconography”  appropriate name for the smearing your attempting to do now isn’t it.  So let’s see, we have hear a monster, responsible for enabling our countries shift to a tyrannical & torturous dictatorship and you want to focus on discredited theories supposing some financial impropriety over the man who is directly responsible for the torture and enslavement of thousands of men and women throughout the world.
            Glad to see you have your priorities straight.  I you are interested in folks “skimming money” why attack an activist over say, Wall Street?  Madoff?  The missing 2.3 trillion on 9/10/11 as admitted by Cheney.  

            In contrast it’s all too obvious what you are here for and where your priorities reside, in attempting to kill another messenger/journalists character anonymously like the coward you are.

            Thanks for boosting the hit count.  Hopefully more people will see that is easy to confront the bastards you cover for and soon we will have thousands of independent journalists doing the work the MSM cannot.

            See you on the next threat Luke starts I’m sure.

  • TheNomadSoul

    He did, but he titled it wrong. The title and summary were for the wrong video because, as the video clearly shows…. he’s just not that smart. I love the fact that at one point Gonzales actually starts giggling because of how ridiculous these two are.

    • Camron Wiltshire

      So confronting one of the bastards responsible for okaying torture is “ridiculous?”   What makes you so intelligent again anonymous troll NomadSoul?  Is it your sheepish cowardice to attack the messenger and ignore the message, or is it your banal avatar befitting your cloned purpose for being here?  

      • Camron Wiltshire

        Flame on Bitches!  Let’s get the comment count in the double digits!

        • Andrew

          Give `em hell, Wiltshire.

          • Camron Wiltshire

            I plan to Andrew. Appreciate the comment.

        • Calypso_1

          Is that what it is all about to you? 

      • TheNomadSoul

         It is when the man obviously has an exit route. Look, he can do this stuff all he wants but why bother posting a video that reveals nothing new. Gonzales wasn’t fazed one bit by his confrontation. Anyone can show up where a public figure is speaking and put a light in there face and try to get them to admit something, but if it doesn’t do anything like all of these videos then don’t you think it might be time to change tactics?

        I do stay anonymous and hate to give out my personal information to ANYONE unless it’s absolutely necessary. I would think that most people on this site would understand this position. As for ignoring the message, I don’t see a message to ignore just a couple attention starved twenty somethings that think they are helping “the cause”.

        Oh, and my “banal avatar” is a piece of pixel art created from scratch. Anyone familiar with pixel art will realize that it took way longer to create that portrait than it did to edit this video.

        • Camron Wiltshire

          I’m assuming by “exit route” you are referring to American apathy towards torture such as you have displayed.  
          Why don’t you ask the guy in the picture what he thinks about pursuing justice one way or the other for condoning torture?  

          I’m sure your ‘pixel art’  is more important to spend time over than confronting war criminals and broadcasting it to the world.  Is this what a steady diet of BPA, McDonalds and Fluoride has done to the ‘men’ of this country?
          Why bother posting an inane comment that is basically you anonymously (COWARDLY) attacking someone who actually does something important with their time?  

          It’s pretty obvious your just another anonymous bandwagon jumping hater with nothing to say or to offer this world & yet you feel totally content to rag on someone from behind a screen name when you haven’t risked dick to do anything for this world that I can see.

          Hope you never get tortured fucko.

          • Camron Wiltshire

            Here, make some pixel art of this.

          • TheNomadSoul

             If had wanted to, I would have years ago when I first saw it. This isn’t news to anyone.

          • Camron Wiltshire

            Oh it is so “Passe…”  Old news he says, yeah sure buddy, I think I’m talking to one voice pretending to be many as you all have the same script you follow.

            “It’s old news”  “Who cares” “Not a Journalist” “Skateboard” “We Are Crazy”
            Blah Blah Blah.  Same shit on repeat.  Bland and uninspiring like your “pixel art.” 

          • Iconography

            rant, rant, rant 

            I think most of us criticizing We Are Crazy are doing it, specifically, because we’re not apathetic about U.S. regime torture policies. 
            We Are Crazy sidelines the discussion about regime excesses into the hinterlands of the UFO/Bigfoot/Alex Jones lunatic fringe. Alberto Gonzalez, Barack Obama and George Bush couldn’t buy an idiot more useful than Luke. 

          • Camron Wiltshire

            No one has invoked the smear of  UFO/Bigfoot guilt by association than you.  

            No where in this video are any of those ideas espoused, you’re a Troll.  Lets get to 20 comments.  Lemme guess your retort will include the following.Calling We Are Change, We Are CrazyAttacking Luke while insinuating he is not a journalist, stupid or stealing money.Insinuating that by pointing out your illogical bullshit that I am an angry person.I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.  Let’s get the count up!

          • TheNomadSoul

             Okay let’s get the count up to a hundred, this isn’t digg ya know. The article doesn’t move to the top of the page just because you get more comments.

            So Camron was that youtube video you linked to a home movie?

  • Iconography

    Why doesn’t Luke and the We Are Crazy crew pay taxes on all the donations their for-profit corporation rakes in?

    More on tax warrants in New York:

    I’m sure it’s a conspiracy by the Federal Reserve, the Reptillian Underground UFO Alliance and Mr. Rogers to frame them or something.

    • Iconography

      The funniest part is their attorney, according to the tax warrant address, is located on Maiden Lane … after which the Fed’s “Maiden Lane Transactions” ( was named.

    • Camron Wiltshire

      Why does Iconography attack the messenger and not the message??
      Why do trolls suddenly appear Luke posts here?
      Why do you worship your $lave Ma$ter like the little Stockholm patient you are?

      • Iconography

        I’m not attacking the messenger. I’m pointing out that the messenger has a large back-tax bill from his for-profit corporation with which he makes the rounds at the UFO trade shows soliciting donations. 

  • Ambrose Bierce

    Luke, you’re annoying and ineffective. I was at the Personal Democracy Forum when you “confronted” Van Jones about trying to co-op the Occupy movement. You selfishly took away from the time he was there to talk about subjects a whole room full of people were there to listen to. He answered you articulately and made you look foolish. Your “confrontation” videos accomplish nothing besides make people look uncomfortable for a few seconds. I agree that most of these people have done some form of evil, but your approach to these issues is pointless and accomplishes nothing. 

    PLEASE use this energy for better use.

    • Camron Wiltshire

      Sorry Ambrose but Van Jones is a coward and another beltway insider.  So if Luke confronting him took away from your basking in his effulgence than it’s obvious why you are attempting to kill the messenger here.  It’s called Stockholm syndrome.
      So do you think we should never confront people who sign off on TORTURE?  Did you even watch the video?  Do you condone torture?  
      Do you have anything to say about the message or are you just here to berate Luke like the other clones?  

      • Ambrose Bierce

        Sigh, Camron. You just don’t get it. You think that people attacking Luke are suffering from Stockholm syndrome or somehow agree with torture. It’s neither of those. What he’s doing is placating his own (and your ego), by pointlessly confronting government officials with no measurable result or outcome. I suppose it doesn’t matter to you because as you stated higher in this comment thread, you enjoy the attention this brings. So bravo to you and Luke. And I really am interested in hearing about how donations to Luke have been used for his personal expenses. Sounds like something a typical politician would do. 

        • Rob

          Just to point out how change happens, if you let everything go and say it’s old news it continues generation after generation. As it is most people forget serious things that happened a few years ago (except the big stories). Constantly moving to new stories and pulp news ensures no justice or proper treatment of criminals will EVER happen. Powerful people should be bombarded with the outcomes of their actions over and over so it doesn’t happen the next time. Reflect on history will ya..

          • Camron Wiltshire

            My Man.  Appreciate it Rob.  This inorganic internet trolls love to use logical fallacies and derision to “poison the well” and distract from the real monsters they serve.  Glad to see folks are standing up and letting it be known that they see through their lies and deception.

            Thanks for posting.

  • SuperSerial

    Man that video sucks balls.  This luke guy is a real bed wetter.