Brutal Police Raid On California Marijuana Shop Caught On Video

By Samantha Tata and Michelle Valles,, via MSNBC:

A raid on a marijuana dispensary in Long Beach was caught on video showing officers smashing surveillance cameras and stepping on a suspect, moves that prompted accusations against the officers of excessive force.

More than a dozen police raided THC Downtown Collective in the 300 block of Atlantic Boulevard (map) on June 19, officials said. The video was posted to YouTube by user “Long Beach Raids” on July 1. Officials said they learned about the video on July 3.

The two-minute-long video opens to show a man surrendering to police, three of whom surround him while two put him in handcuffs.

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One of the officers is seen stepping on volunteer employee Dorian Brooks’ back with both feet before stepping on his neck, with what Brooks described as 300 pounds of pressure.

The video, which was being recorded at an off-site location, then cuts to an officer pointing at the recording camera before another looks up and smashes the lens…

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  1. That’s fucked! all for lack of a business permit…

    You KNOW the police officers are either guilty conscience or simply destroying evidence.

    What would happen if a criminal deleted/destroyed surveillance materials. I believe it’s called obstruction of justice.

    What about when a police officer smashes a camera with no logical reasoning for doing so. If there raid was legal along with there actions, they simply would have to CONFISCATE the tapes/recordings/cameras. Not smash them….

  2. why is there any question. YES it was excessive force. and I believe the video camera being DESTROYED exhibits police brutality… if his FAT ass walking on the VOLUNTEER wasn’t brutal enough!

    •  there’s no sane reason to destroy anything unless it’s a bomb or a threat… These aren’t cops their just paid thugs.

      Since leaving America I’ve never felt so unsafe as I did when I lived there.

  3. which is why it’s called
    The Land of the Free

  4. Cowards! What an easy bust for sadists to get their rocks off. 

  5. Frank Person | Jul 6, 2012 at 2:41 pm |

    When I was in a motorcycle club we were considered a gang, gang task force following us around taking pictures.    When you’re in a gang one of the things you do is evaluate your rivals, what other gangs are there and how much of a threat are they.

    The conclusion was: The police are the largest gang in the country, wield the most power, don’t expect to be treated fairly or discuss anything with them.  There are no politics that can be worked with.   They can and will kill you, they will lie and arrest you on made up charges.  It’s called domestic terrorism as far as I’m concerned.  They will over file the charges and you will plea it down to avoid the small chance you could be imprisoned on the original over filed charge.    They will treat you like an animal, they will make sure you hate them.  They break the laws blatantly, you see it all the time and there is nothing you can do about it.

    They do not work for the people, they use a show of force whenever possible to instill fear into the people.     “Serve and protect” is not a logo on they have on their cars or anywhere for that matter.  They are the property of the special interest groups with the money.

    They are domestic mercenaries.

    Their biggest enemy is the video camera, you saw that in this case.  As Iphones and recording devices get cheaper and smaller the tide can be turned against them.   Be ready to record stuff you see.  Know how to use the record feature on your phone or any device you can carry that will document their crimes.

    Remote storage of the recordings is preferred.   They would of destroyed that recording if it was not stored off site.

    If you took off the uniform, put them in a cell for 24 hours and lined them up with people in jail, you would pick the cop out as the bad guy every time.   You can see the mental defect in their eyes, you can see the corruption, the sadistic sadistic liar intent on intimidating others.

    Some say we are living the greatest time ever, others say it’s about to come to an end.   I guess it depends on what side of the street you’re on.

    I’m on the side of liberty and freedom backed by the Constitution.

    • Jesus Borg | Jul 7, 2012 at 10:53 am |

      Well, for the most part what you say is true, in terms of power and how power works. Originally everyone lived in tribes and then some tribes specialized in warfare and predatory raiding and dominated other tribes and warrior castes were created. So then society became more complex and specialized with more division of labor. So then eventually most of the population was alienated from employing violence and self defense and the role was taken over by the warrior caste.

      Police/military hearken back to that warrior caste.

      Gangs are kind of a throw back to an earlier stage of human society back to the tribal stage.

       But one thing to remember is that cops have a large turn over and many cops only do it for a short time and also even gang members often avoid engaging with non-combatants. Most cops aren’t a threat to ordinary people, that follow laws etc.

      Gang members and cops are kind of on a similar wavelength. They are attracted to each other. Just like rival gang members.

      So to the average, peaceful person, that doesn’t consider themselves a fighter or a rebel or a criminal,(or is not a minority) cops really aren’t a threat. They aren’t on the same wavelength.

      Most middle class non combatants don’t have any loyalty to street gangs and so give their loyalty to the police. Police aren’t the only armed gang, just one with a longer more well established tradition and better public relations than say, MS13, Hell’s Angel’s, Cripps etc.

      Its probably better this way, otherwise the next largest gang would take over, like in Russia which is a mafia state.  

  6. Frank Person | Jul 6, 2012 at 2:50 pm |

    I just noticed that there is an app for your iphone to send your record of your police encounter to.



  7. poponhop | Jul 6, 2012 at 3:04 pm |

    Hey Donut shop owners!!! 300 pounds of pressure on that guys neck is mostly your fault!

  8. Rage Against The Machine | Jul 6, 2012 at 3:17 pm |

    It’s just the beginning of something much, much bigger. There is only a illusion of freedom in this world. And when we wake up there will be somebody in a position of authority telling you go back to sleep or else!! Who am I kidding when you wake up it’ll be off to a a FEMA camp for you or death your choice. There’s your illusion of freedom of choice.

  9. umm where i come from thats called armed robbery and assault and battery, be it police or otherwise. this shop most likely refused to pay protection money to someone in the force and thats easy to see. 

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