Catholic School Girls Denied HPV Vaccine By Canadian Bishops

A vaccine to help prevent cervical cancer could send the wrong message, Catholic leaders in Calgary decided. Via TIME Newsfeed:

The female students in Calgary’s Catholic school system will be receiving one less shot than their public school counterparts. In 2008, a group of bishops led by Bishop Frederick Henry deemed that providing the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination — which guards girls against the four strands of HPV most associated with cervical cancer — to fifth and ninth-grade girls could be viewed as a compromise of Catholic teaching, because HPV is a sexually transmitted virus.

Children in Calgary’s Catholic schools were sent home with… a letter… instruct[ing] parents that “Although school-based immunization delivery systems generally result in high numbers of students completing immunization, a school-based approach to vaccination sends a message that early sexual intercourse is allowed.”

HPV Calgary says that by banning the vaccine, the church is literally endangering the lives of thousands of girls. Bio-ethicist Juliet Guichon told the CBC, “The physicians have told the trustees that they can predict with statistical certainty that there will be disease and death as a consequence of these children not receiving the vaccine.”

  • Haystack

    Yeah, but what’s the point of Catholic school if not to abuse children? 

    • Cheftommyboy

      I agree, Haystack….. The Cathiolic Church, fucking up childrens lives since 465 AD.

      • Calypso_1

        lives = orifices

    • Jin The Ninja

      and the problem is further compounded by the fact that UNLIKE the US, catholic schools in canada are publically funded/public schools.

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  • Calypso_1

    All UR Cervixes R Belong 2 Nekid Man on Stick

  • Rooti

    The Catholic Church is right for a change but for the wrong reasons. This is a lousy vaccine that will do more harm than good. No one should receive this.

  • VL

    This is ridiculous. People complain about girls having to get this vaccine and then other people complain about girls NOT being able to get it. You people need to make up your mind.

  • John in Delray

    This is what happens when ignorant clerics involve themselves in things for which they have neither knowledge nor expertise.