Embarrassing Congressional Edits To Members’ Wikipedia Pages

Here’s what politicians wished you didn’t know. Via Buzzfeed, a choice rundown of Congress members’ attempts to alter their own Wikipedia biographies (including Harry Reid, whose underlings scrubbed out the section “Relationship to Jack Abramoff and his firm”):

A search through the House of Representatives IP address on Wikipedia shows which pages have been edited by Congressional staff. The IP address, shared by all Congressional offices offers a glimpse at who decided to do a bit of historical airbrushing.

1. Rep. Mike Coffman: Removed edits to an incident saying President Obama was “in his heart, just not an American.”

2. Rep. Allen West: Removed an incident in which he called members of the Progressive Caucus “Communists.”

3. Rep. Bennie Thompson: Removed Thompson’s entire “Controversies” section.

4. Rep. Grace Napolitano: Added information noting that a controversial loan she made to her campaign, which was being repaid with interest, had been completely repaid.

5. Rep Darrell Issa: Removed references to pro-Palestinian statements.

6. Rep. Health Shuler: Removed references to living in a facility operated by the Christian organization “The Family” while in DC.

7. Rep. Gregg Harper: Removed his remark that he hunted “liberal, tree-hugging, Democrats.”

8. Rep. Adam Schiff: Removed a sentence saying a vote was called off by Schiff in 2007.

9. Rep. Dan Burton: Removed a section saying Burton had received illegal contributions from Pakistan.

10. Rep. Dennis Cardoza: Removed references to Cardoza’s close relationship to disgraced former Congressman Gary Condit.

11. Rep. Adam Smith: Added lengthy additions to Smith’s biography.

12. Rep. Mike Honda: Added lengthy items about Honda’s record.

13. Rep. Tim Huelskamp: Added information to Huelskamp’s biography.

14. Rep. Richard Nugent: Added information about Nugent’s personal life.

15. Rep. Jean Schmidt: Removed entire “Armenian Genocide Denial issue” section.

16. Rep. Tom Cole: Removed a section saying Cole voted for TARP and references to a speech Cole made invoking Hitler and the Confederacy.

17. Rep. Mike Pence: Made numerous edits over the years generally about Pence’s personal life, political career, and record.

18. Rep. Peter DeFazio: Removed references to DeFazio’s liberal voting record.

19. Rep. Frank Lucas: Removed and added large sections to Lucas’ biography.

20. Lamar S. Smith: Removed references to Smith’s support for TARP.

21. Rep. Steve Austria: Removed the sections “Controversial Comments On The Great Depression,” “Controversies” and “Allegations Of Plagiarism.”

22. Rep. Joe Donnelly: Removed references to Donnelly “breaking” with the Democratic Party on some issues.

23. Rep. Rob Wittman: Added extensive additions to Wittman’s biography.

24. House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer: Made numerous edits including removing the “Congressional Reputation” section.

25. Rep. Adrian Smith: Removed section about advocating for the elimination of agricultural subsidies.

26. Rep. Louie Gohmert: Removed numerous sections related to Gohmert’s controversial statements.

27. Rep. Marcy Kaptur: Removed references to Kaptur being a liberal and member of the Progressive Caucus.

28. House Speaker John Boehner: Changed information related to Boehner’s knowledge of the 2006 Mark Foley page scandal.

29. Senator Mark Kirk: Removed large sections about where Kirk received campaign donations.

30. Rep. Rob Andrews: Added extensive passages to Andrews’ biography.

31. Rep. John Mica: Removed reference to Mica sidestepping questions about his rumored toupee on the Colbert Report.

32. Harry Reid: Removed the section “Relationship to Jack Abramoff and his firm.”

33. Rep. Candice Miller: Removed section about being admonished by the House Ethics Committee.

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  • Anarchy Pony

    The added bits aren’t nearly as bad as the removed parts.

    • The Baffler

      I know right? “Added information to biography” is hardly something to be embarrassed about.

  • poponhop

    thank you Jacob for putting this together. I would never have taken the time to sift through all these clowns wiki’s before or after the edits.

  • Liam_McGonagle

    “32. Harry Reid: Removed the section “Relationship to Jack Abramoff and his firm.”

    Wow.  Learn something every day!  Thanks, Disinfo!

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