Lack Of Exercise Kills Roughly As Many As Smoking

Get on your bikes, disinfonauts. From the Los Angeles Times:

People across the world are falling so far short on exercise that the problem has become a global pandemic, causing nearly a tenth of deaths worldwide and killing roughly as many people as smoking, researchers warned this week as an alarming series of studies was published in the Lancet.

Eight out of 10 youngsters age 13 to 15 don’t get enough exercise, according to one of the Lancet studies released Tuesday, and nearly a third of adults fall short. The problem is even worse for girls and women, who are less active than boys and men, researchers found.

The results are fatal. Lack of exercise is tied to worldwide killers such as heart disease, diabetes and breast and colon cancer. If just a quarter of inactive adults got enough exercise, more than 1.3 million deaths could be prevented worldwide annually, researchers said. Half an hour of brisk walking five times a week would do the trick.

Despite its deadly consequences, lack of exercise doesn’t get the same funding or attention as other health problems, said Pedro Hallal, associate professor at the Federal University of Pelotas in Brazil and author of one of the studies.

“It gets underfunded and undervalued,” Hallal said. “But it’s huge everywhere in the world.”

In the widest study ever of the scope of the problem, Hallal and his fellow researchers found that although wealthier countries are more likely to fall short on physical activity, people in countries across the globe are getting too little exercise. The new research covered 122 nations representing 89% of the world’s population…

[continues in the Los Angeles Times]


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7 Comments on "Lack Of Exercise Kills Roughly As Many As Smoking"

  1. Smoking what? Because there are BIG differences between tobacco and marijuana. I always tell my wife I need more exercise but she just assumes I say that as an excuse to get more nookie. 

    • Anarchy Pony | Jul 20, 2012 at 4:48 pm |

      When it just says smoking, you can usually assume it means tobacco/cigarettes.

  2. Does this mean that smoking and exercising cancel each other out? 

  3. MoralDrift | Jul 20, 2012 at 8:46 pm |


  4. Girl look at that body, girl look at that body. I  work out!!!

  5. lifobryan | Jul 20, 2012 at 10:53 pm |

    As a good ol’ red-blooded a-MAR-iken, I gets plenty of exercise:

    Right arm – at least 500 reps every night, lifting the TV remote
    Left arm – at least two hours each night masturbating to online porno
    Legs – lifting at least 300 lbs of girth each time I gets up from the couch to fetch another beer
    Hands and jaw – each hand helps unwrap the stick of butter, and my jaw chews on it
    Throat muscles – I’m pretty sure are involved in swallowing the butter
    Lips – near the end of the butter stick, I’m pretty much just sucking on the damn thang
    Eye muscles – relaxed during TV, but intensely active during porno

    Smoking – I gave it up when I became a Christian

  6. Remus Celloco | Jul 25, 2012 at 2:14 pm |

    The problem is worse for women, sure it is, it always is. It doesn’t matter that they generally live 10 yrs more than men – it’s worse for them always in the PC “studies”. I’m not from the US but I know buddhist monks and nuns and they generally live more than the lay ppl for example – and they don’t go to the gym. They just have an active life.

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