Let Them Eat Rat! Artist Serves $100 Rat Dinner

Via the Huffington Post:

For some of the world’s poorest people eating rat might be a matter of survival, but for New York performance artist Laura  Ginn and her patrons, serving a multiple course rat dinner at $100 a pop is an aesthetic statement.

The idea of serving rat stemmed from Ginn’s focus on survivalism. She’s spent the past few years learning trades such hunting, building shelters and making leather.

She didn’t serve typical New York subway rats, though, explains DNAinfo. They were medical rats imported from a “clean and safe facility” sourced from California. Ginn’s dress was even made of 300 rat pelts that she had tanned and sewn together.

Embedded below, see Ginn’s video for the Kickstarter project that funded the piece.

For more information – and a recipe for braised rat – visit Huffington Post.

3 Comments on "Let Them Eat Rat! Artist Serves $100 Rat Dinner"

  1. I was in a market in Laos
    where you could buy 10 skinned rats for a $1
    but it wasn’t art

  2. Liquidself | Jul 28, 2012 at 4:25 pm |

    “….we don’t take things from the world…” wow. The monumental stupidity of that statement.  Privileged upper middle class white girl.

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