‘Little Baby Faces’ Offers Free Plastic Surgery for Bullied Kids, But Do They Need It?

Photo courtesy Anna Bauer

Everyone probably experiences bullying at some time in their lives, and for some it can leave lifelong psychological scarring. For children, the right kind of adult intervention can make all the difference in the world. But what about the wrong kind? One organization, Little Baby Faces, offers free plastic surgery to bullied children, but their services aren’t just aimed at repairing disfigurements of various sorts. In the embedded video from CNN, one girl taunted for her “big ears” goes in for a consultation with Little Baby Faces and leaves with a laundry list of her physical imperfections.

Is it healthy when an adult not only reinforces the specious insults of a bully but then heaps on even more criticism? Does minor physical imperfections warrant plastic surgery? What kind of lesson does this teach to the bullied, and how will this affect their development as human beings?




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17 Comments on "‘Little Baby Faces’ Offers Free Plastic Surgery for Bullied Kids, But Do They Need It?"

  1. mole_face | Jul 29, 2012 at 6:04 pm |

    Damn.. where were these people twenty years ago? I could’ve avoided the whole shitty odyssey that’s been my life so far.

    I’m too obstinate and bitter to get plastic surgery now, but having the 30+ birthmarks removed from my face as a kid would’ve had a massive positive impact on me.

  2. Rex Vestri | Jul 29, 2012 at 7:10 pm |

    Big ears make better handles though

  3. Joshua Davis | Jul 29, 2012 at 8:00 pm |

    We forge our own chains. Getting laid has nothing to do with looking good, the guy who bangs the most chicks (I know over just 15 mens sexual lives) is no Brad Pit. He is just an oppertunistic dude with no cash, and knows the right kind of women. So these people are bullied, they feel ugly or different. I remember when I was a kid there was a guy named Manson… and he told us he was a great saint… he was at Disinfo Con…. he said ughhhh fuck all the beautiful people they are free. Better to be among those who aren’t in Vanity Fair than the bow down the media machine and their preconceptions about beauty.

  4. I think I would have liked the story better if they had thrown in some Jiu Jitsu classes too.

  5. maybe Afghanistan can get plastic surgery
    & then Uncle Homeland will quit bullying them

  6. Monkey See Monkey Do | Jul 29, 2012 at 9:28 pm |

    Every cosmetic surgeon is given a copy of ‘The Aryan master race kit on the do’s and dont’s of face surgery’ in their first year of college.

  7. “Everyone probably experiences bullying at some time in their lives”

    Wow. Shall we open the article with a condiscending statement that undermines the whole bulling issue?

  8. “The faces he woke with in the world’s hotels were like God’s own hood ornaments. Women’s sleeping faces, identical and alone, naked, aimed straight out to the void. But this one was different. Already, somehow there was meaning attached to it. Meaning and a name.”

  9. Jesus Borg | Jul 30, 2012 at 8:04 am |

    How about free assertiveness training?

  10. Linsang811 | Jul 30, 2012 at 8:29 am |

    I don’t think the plastic surgery idea should be so quickly dismissed. I think it has a great deal of merit. The fact is, we are living in a mean, shallow, vain, narcissistic
    society. You can teach some kids how to not give a shit about what
    society thinks and hope it works for at least a few- or maybe you can
    give them the confidence that comes from being normal and acceptable to society. Case in point…

    I have to run 20+ miles a day on my elliptical machine and choke down a handful of salad for every meal just to prevent more fat from ending up on my gigantic ass. Other people, all they have to do is stop shoveling candybars in their faces all day long and they’ll lose 8 pounds a week. It has been like this my entire life. I diet and exercise like a fricking triathlete yet I have always been treated like some kind of lazy, unmotivated, couch-sitting Twinkie-gobbler who can’t be arsed to do any more exercise than however many steps it takes to get to the fridge for more Twinkies. I don’t even fucking like Twinkies.

    All the bullying I’ve ever experienced was centered around my weight which I could never do anything about due to PCOS and hyperplastic obesity syndrome. All the other kids would stand around throwing food at me and chanting things like “don’t feed the hippo” or “don’t feed the bear” or “have another Twinkie.” Few people ever called me by my actual name, it was always Pumba or white-rhino or hippo-girl or Swamp-thing or something like that. And this wasn’t just one or two kids- this was between 8 and 13 people regularly and sometimes a few more who would occasionally swoop in for a good one-shot. Most of them followed me from middle school to Jr high to high school and they were unrelenting all the way up till graduation. Naturally, I would cut because the little bastards made me hate my body and my life. And of course they made fun of me for that too.

    If I had been allowed liposuction, which is the ONLY way to get rid of hyperplastic obesity, I guaran-fucking-tee you, my life would have been better. Maybe I’m not the most objective person to be making this assessment. I could be wrong and I turned out ok in the end anyway… more or less…. sort of…. but I stand by my contention: It WOULD have helped.

    • Scatman_crothers | Jul 30, 2012 at 12:59 pm |

      I feel For you and your sad story…. It’s such a shame that we live in such a shallow, vain society that not only promotes beauty/wealth above all… But actually profits from people’s misery and insecurities. It would be best if our elders -role models – weren’t so confused with their own vanities to provide guidance to those who need it best. I do agree that those who REALY need surgeries should be first to receive… But once you go down that road where does it end? Ears too big, nose too long, feet unsightly… There’s no end to it. The only real solution is to overcome with the mind. The education system also needs to eradicate bullying… As we all know by now… Kids can be crueler than anyone. You can’t erase the past but you can pave the future. Your genes are the deck your handed… It’s how you play that deck that determines happiness…. Best of luck!

    • No.

      Absolutely fuck that shit.

      Do you have a magic window that enables you to see reality how it would have been if x? No. Believe me, if it hadn’t have been fat, kids will find 10k different other ways to take the piss out of you if they sense that you are “weak” (aka non-alpha) or “different”. I was an extremely tiny child – got bullied because I was small. I was a great deal bigger by the time I was 10/12 and I got teased for that too for the remainder of school life. Believe me you can’t win. Right now, I’m outcast from society not because of any appearance thing but because I like magic and fairies and not celebrity gossip and fashion. 

      Fuck that shit dude. Make their problems your problems and you’ll never escape thinking about how to be accepted. Who’s to say Liposuction wouldn’t have just further reinforced that nature = bad and wrong – humans = to be listened to and obeyed. I’ve met about 3 humans in my life deserving of being listened to and absolutely none of them would expect me to change myself on their account.

      Fuck. That. Shit.

  11. Thisisfake | Jul 30, 2012 at 12:36 pm |

    Look, it was either plastic surgery or trench coats and target practice. 

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