Occupy Hunger Strike

From Rusty Shackleford over on Modern Mythology who is now, by his own report, going homeless and disappearing for a while — this being, we believe, his final report for a little while:

[I am now offering a personal call to arms to anyone in the Portland area, homeless or not, to join us in our solidarity. If you yourself do not live in Portland, but know of those who do, spread this message and tell them to bring those who are down and out and disenfranchised to us. This is OUR public property. Our tax dollars support the agenda of city hall. Tell everyone you know who is homeless in the area of Portland to come to our relief camp, where we will have food, shelter, and companionship for those who truly need it. Tell your friends. Spread this around. Let us do our best to make these council men understand that thousands of people in Portland need homes, and that for every 20 empty houses there is one homeless individual. This problem could very easily be solved, and it is testament to human greed and stupidity that it has not been. TELL YOUR FRIENDS. THIS IS OUR PUBLIC PROPERTY, WE HAVE A VOICE.]

“Do not go gentle into that good night/Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”- Dylan Thomas.

Speaking with former candidate Cameron Whitten is a humbling experience. He is soft spoken, but lucid, and shows surprising insight for his age. Quick witted and fluent in answering all of my questions, his eyes are dark and piercing. He wears the look of a pugilist in his last few rounds with a formidable adversary. He is now on day 30 of a hunger strike to help raise support for lifting a ban on the use of tents for homeless in Portland to use in inhabiting the city.

“THIS STRIKE is to increase awareness towards the need for decent housing for the poor, the dispossessed, and the entire working class”, Cameron says. He has indicated to me that his strike is not exclusively a product of the Occupy Wall Street movement: he views it as its own thing, outside of Occupy, although many activists from Occupy Wall Street inluding himself are present for the vigil.

(Full article.)

James Curcio

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15 Comments on "Occupy Hunger Strike"

  1. lolwut

  2. charlieprimero | Jul 13, 2012 at 5:10 am |

    This is just sad.

  3. the hunger strike thing never really made sense to me
    and in this case it doesn’t work on so many levels
    which is why it’s brilliant
    in a dada sorta way

  4. That’s damn impressive to say the least. Good on you Cameron, keep fighting for your cause.

  5. Nobody should ever be homeless.

    It’s a measure of a Society how they treat the helpless.

  6. zombieslapper | Jul 13, 2012 at 12:54 pm |

    The powers that be are going to lose sleep over this guy going hungry and will bring justice to the world. It’s only a matter of days now before the corrupt system crumbles and a new era of enlightenment is ushered in.

  7. I was hungry and homeless early this year. I didn’t go to no “Occupy ‘ camp for a handout. I busted ass and got myself a job. 

    • Tell us about your job, and your qualifications.

      • About my job: No way. You all would firebomb the place.
        My qualifications: I have over 30 years in fast food, retail and the printing industries. I have worked my whole life. Not that its gotten me anywhere- but at least I’m not sleeping in a ditch… again.

        • I wasn’t asking for specifics regarding what company or where, but are you being paid more than minimum wage?  Do you have decent medical benefits?  It seems to me that having over 30 years in fast food, retail and the printing industries shouldn’t leave one hungry and homeless for part of a year, sleeping in a ditch, and having to bust ass just to get food and shelter again.

          • Well you’d think that- and you’d be wrong. Experience counts for nothing any more. Age just means you get discriminated against in a whole new way.
            I make more than minimum but not by much. I also have no health benefits and probably won’t till they make it illegal not to have them and put me in jail. But for all the troubles- three years of being unemployed- i’m grateful to have anything. There are millions worse off- and i was saved by Jesus during the bad times.
            He is always with me and HE will never forsake me.
            I try to give something to every homeless person i meet. I know too well- We are all just a few days away form being homeless.

          • Good for you!  I try to do the same whenever I encounter a homeless person.

            I don’t think many people went to OWS camps expecting to get handouts there.  But would it have been wrong for them to?  You and I both give handouts.  Should we condemn those who haven’t been able to get jobs yet?  You know even better than I how hard it is out there.

          • So why did they go? Some misguided impulse that their protests would accomplish something. But nothing changes. It never will.

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