Oliver Stone: The Savage is Loose

Disinformation author Ed Rampell (Progressive Hollywood) has an exclusive interview with Oliver Stone about his new movie Savages.

The Oscar winning director of Platoon, Born on the Fourth of July and Wall Street discussed film technique, his actors, Mexico’s narco-politics, torture, sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll, at Festival of Films Blog:

FOF: What do you think of the way the Drug War is going in Mexico now?

OS: Aside from the movie business [laughs], it was a tragedy under [President Felipe] Calderon; he militarized it more. I don’t think that militarization works. I think that decriminalization works better, overall. As well as tolerance. But these are very hard qualities to achieve in a modern era.

FOF: Do you think that the [apparent] election of the PRI’s [Institutional Revolutionary Party] candidate [Enrique Peña Prieto] will have any effect at all on the Drug War in Mexico?

OS: I think that’s a spooky question. Frankly, uh, the PRI is, you know, what it is. It’s the way Mexico’s been governed since 1910. And you can reach accommodations in that Mexico that were apparently better than the accommodations that could be made in present-day Mexico, with Calderon and [Vicente] Fox [both members of the PAN, or National Action Party]. So, it’s kind of like the old guard is being readmitted, because you could do business better. That means that cartels will finally be tolerated, because by cutting off the cartels and chasing them, you created a Murder Inc. environment, and also, you added more cartels, like an octopus head. So, it became more of a problem, rather than less. So, anybody who’s smart about this knows to keep it cool and under the table and don’t talk about it like in your press announcements all the time…

[More at at Festival of Films Blog]

  • Prestonpeet

    Excellent catch.

  • http://buzzcoastin.posterous.com BuzzCoastin

    looks like he took a look at Pulp Fiction
    wonder if the flick is as good as the trailer
    the trailer is hot

    • JaceD

      When it comes to the cross-character (Gangster) storylines, Guy Ritchie is my man. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels is a personal favourite of mine.

      • Jin The Ninja

        give me ringo lam or give me death!

        • JaceD

          I haven’t seen any of his films =S

          *Will rectify that*

          • Jin The Ninja

            if you’re exploring that ‘heroic bloodshed’ genre: city on fire, better tommorow I & 2, full contact, hardboiled and the killer. and for something more recent check out infernal affairs, and anything johnnie to.

      • http://www.ContraControl.com/ Zenc

        My favorite Guy Ritchie film is “Revolver”. A story of achieving Enlightenment and a Gangster Shoot -em Up all in one.

        • Calypso_1

          Excellent film.  I love the trickster element – Andre and Pastore almost come across as a Brer Fox n Bear team.  The final Sorter gun fight is one best gun sequences ever.

        • JaceD

          Revolver is actually a really good film I agree, but you can’t beat the pure British thuggery and less-than-A-grade acting which is Lock Stock. Also it’s got a great soundtrack.

  • PertAndPopular

    Movie looks dumb. Why would you save a woman you use as a sex object? And 2 white boys going against Mexican drug cartels… please. The only way I would see this movie, is if these 3 main characters die an agonizing death, just like all the other victim’s of the Mexican drug cartels. If you wish to see how the Sicario’s do their thing down in Mexico go here http://www.bestgore.com/category/latin-american-wars/

  • Ambugation

    This looks like such a piece of shit.

  • JaceD

    Awgawd. Hollywood, please stop. Just… Just stop.

    btw I’m pretty sure this clip (possibly article also?) was on disinfo awhile back. Great marketing ploy (laughs)

  • unusually unusual

    Criminal is the new Noble. The powers that be have made it so. The real bad guy goes around like he’s the good guy, but the criminal is still here.


  • Cocomaan

    Yeah… pretty sure that growing pot doesn’t involve anything like this at all. 

  • Bruteloop

    Jesus Christ on a rusty old pushbike. Just what we need. Who gives a shit about these people, this film or the dumbass zombies that need more fake blood and loud bangs to wake them out of their tragic stupor?
    Please can we grow up now? Or at least stop repeating the same tired crap… 

  • rus Archer

    why hasn’t oliver stone killed hisself yet?
    what a hack

  • Honu

    What a bunch of crap.  First…pot dealing becomes some kind of horsesh-t Scarface scenario?  Yeah because marijuana is such a difficult and dangerous drug to grow that nobody but true outlaws does it.  I think my neighbor’s dog has a grow room.  Second…what’s with all the excessive bang bang boom boom stuff?  Is this sh-t really necessary?  How about telling a f-cking STORY!