Pentagon Creates ‘Mega Stun Gun’


Wired reports on the latest invention from the Pentagon agency known as the Joint Non Lethal Weapons Directorate, which is responsible for developing such non-lethal devices as “sticky foam guns, sonic cannons, and devices that could potentially create voices in the target’s heads, mimicking the effects of schizophrenia.”

This latest version of the stun gun, which utilizes the “nano-second electrical pulse,” can shock a person in “billionths of a second” and render them unconscious:

Imagine a stun gun that doesn’t just drop you to the floor, but renders you unconscious for several minutes. This tech is called a “nano-second electrical pulse,” and the Pentagon believes it could be used in a gun that would hit targets with high voltages of electricity for an amazingly short amount of time – we’re talking billionths of seconds here. That would make the enemy an easy capture. But today’s stun guns are already linked to dozens, if not hundreds, of abusive incidents. What happens if they become even more powerful?

The stun gun is only one of several projects that the Department of Defense showcased at the Non-Lethal Weapons Industry Day in Quantico, Va. on June 22, an opportunity for the Pentagon to give a glimpse of the present and future of its weapons that are designed to injure, rather than kill.

The Joint Non Lethal Weapons Directorate, the Pentagon’s agency responsible for these projects, has been working on these system for years, proposing all kinds of exotic and futuristic less-than-lethal alternatives to its deadly arsenal, including sticky foam guns, sonic cannons, and devices that could potentially create voices in the target’s heads, mimicking the effects of schizophrenia…

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  • Chaorder Gradient

    Non Lethal Weapons: Because wheres the profit in killing slaves?

    • Anarchy Pony

      More or less.

  • BuzzCoastin

    with all the serious problems facing the world
    it’s nice to see the US is frittering away its resources on non-lethal weapons

    it’s kinda like the Titanic is sinking
    and the US is focused on getting new uniforms for the band

    • Oil-less Foodless

      but, aren’t they getting ready for when we all start fighting each other for scraps of food?

      Then they’ll herd us to where ever they want to herd us?

      As all the resource problems come to a head, I imagine the last usable oil will be reserved for military usage only, and the rest of us living as oil-less peasants will be at the mercy of the army’s weaponry, vehicles and helicopters forever more. 

  • Jackedu317

    there is no such thing as a non-lethal weapon… if i shoot you, you’re not necessarily going to die. if i tase you, you’re not necessarily going to live. if i blast you with a sound cannon, you’re not necessarily going to have permanent hearing loss. if i use a microwave weapon on you, you’re not necessarily going to explode where you stand. all these are survivable… all these things cause permanent physical damage… a weapon by definition is designed to do one thing… kill. whether for offensive or defensive purposes…

  • Haystack

    Awesome. I can’t wait for them to start using this on us. 

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