Public Radio’s Sexy Typo

Last weekend I visited the web site for Marketplace Morning Report, a business program on American Public Radio, often broadcast by local NPR stations during Morning Edition.

But Saturday, I noticed one enormous typo in their transcript of Thursday’s interview.

Hobson: All right, what about the federal highway funding bill — this is the transportation bill. It’s been debated back and forth but still no agreement on it, and I guess the fucking could come to a halt at the end of the month if they don’t come up with a solution? Dimsdale: That’s right.

There’s a link to it (and a screenshot) on this page – along with a funny commentary about what this could mean…

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  1. public radio is such a nice CIA operation
    I always listen to see how Big Homelander is spinning it for the edumacated
    but four letter words in a psyop?
    well I never!

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