Rob Schneider On Vaccines, Parental Rights, Corporate Greed and AB2109

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    • zombieslapper

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  • 1234

    Rob Schneider…now I’m convinced.

    • NotReallyShocked

      Yup. I knew all I had to do was wait for Rob Schneider to come and speak out on the issue. Now that I’ve heard it from a reliable source I’m in. 

      • kowalityjesus

        Hey have you seen Rob Schneider in any films lately?  That’s right he’s been reproducing and devoting those energies (which formerly were geared towards impersonating things like a hot girl, a stapler, etc.) towards conscientiously objecting against bad legislation and corporate control.  He’s a fookin smart guy ya know.

        • I’m only half serious

          He’s been reproducing and devoting those energies? Is he an Amoeba?

  • anon.

    why do people think celebrities are experts on anything?  if i have any questions about hollywood or broadway etc., i’ll ask a celebrity.  otherwise, fuck off.

    • Sarcasmo

      Who thinks he’s an expert? And if you have questions about parental rights, wouldn’t you ask a parent? 

      • rtb61

         Parents rights vs child rights. Children are neither property nor pets, they are citizens with the full right of protection of all other citizens they just don’t as yet have the responsibility of other citizens.
        The stupidest statement he made was the government doesn’t have the right to control what he does to his child, stupid stuff like that ended thousands of years ago with the ancient Greeks and Romans. Children are fully entitled to all of the protections of the state just the same as adults, Mr Schneider is an idiot.

        • Sarcasmo

          The Greeks and Spartans claimed children as property of the state so they could be used as labor or canon fodder. Children being protected by the state is a much different thing than children being exploited by the state, which is what you have when pharma corps are in bed with the state, requiring untested vacs to be administered. If children should be protected by the state, then why don’t they protect them from big pharma? 

  • luther_blissett5

    If getting into politics keeps him from churning out films like Deuce Bigelow, I’m all for it.

  • Heath

    “My wife is 5 months pregnant” “I was reading legislation that was passed years ago about there use to be state sterilizations”


  • honeynutcornflakes

    as soon as anyone against vaccines even mentions any kind of discussion about autism, their credibility hits rock bottom. he should have stayed clear of that mess.

  • IC

     You don’t have to be an expert, you need common sense.. These vaccines are NOT tested enough, and any forced injections period is a VERY dangerous slope..   Rob is very smart and has every right to speak his thoughts just like you or I..   The information is out there, sorry but your little vaccine fraud is up..