Russia Is Stockpiling Drones To Spy On Populace

“The secrets of our private lives have become a thing of the past,” says an executive at the leading drone-making company. Wired writes:

Russia’s infatuation with drone technology to monitor and spy popular protests is the Kremlin’s latest attempt to clamp down on civil unrest, both on the streets and online.

Russia is going to allegedly spend around $13 billion on unmanned aerial vehicles through 2020… Small drones are perfect to monitor dissatisfied Russians marching down the streets. “They will be used mainly to maintain public order during local demonstrations and marches, when we shall be keeping watch from the air to avoid any incidents,” said Sergei Kanunnikov, the head of the air operation center in the Department of the Interior of the eastern state of Amur.

Drones will also be deployed at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, a Russian city on the Black Sea. And Sochi won’t be the first Olympic city to secure its skies with robots; London will do the same starting this weekend.

With a new fleet of drones, flying robots will be the new Russian spies and in case you’re wondering if the Russians are particularly concerned about privacy, think again. According to [leading drone manufacturer Maksim] Shinkevich, “the secrets of our private lives have become a thing of the past.” And that’s another thing which the two old superpowers can agree on.

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  1. DeepCough | Jul 26, 2012 at 5:19 pm |

    What does it say now that Russia is copying us now?

  2. monkey see monkey do

    Hitler created concentration camps
    based upon American Indian Reservations

    Uncle Homeland is a great inspiration to dictatorships everywhere

  3. In the lead up to WWI governments were all locked in an arms race because the war industry kept cranking out new, must-have weapons; 100 years later, with global war effectively off the table, surveillance is the new frontier. The economics of “security” are such that the companies who make this stuff have to constantly seek out new applications; Make RFID? Sell it to schools to track attendance. Make GPS? Sell it to auto insurance companies who want to track their customer’s driving behavior. 

    It’s a global arms race, not of governments vs. governments, but governments vs their own people. 

  4. The psychopaths feel they have control now and they want to be able to lock it in via the direct application of force, for a two class society. Masters and slaves.

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