Scientists Scramble to Crack Monsoon Code: Weather Control Soon Behind?

Scientific American reports that a cadre of Indian scientists are working to crack the “monsoon code”, the complicated math that determines the course of the continent’s seasonal monsoon. India’s farmers rely upon the rains of the monsoon for their livelihood, and less rain means less food. Being able to predict the path and strength of the monsoon would enable Indians to make better agricultural decisions.

The more conspiratorially-inclined might also reason that a better model for weather prediction could be the first step in developing accurate weather control tools, as well. The ability to consistently control the weather could be a powerful tool for any nation. Imagine being able to inflict droughts, floods, hurricanes and more utilizing cutting-edge computer models and cloud-seeding technology. Preemptively destroying a nation’s infrastructure in advance of hostilities would be an excellent way to launch a soft invasion via “peace-keepers” and “humanitarian aid workers”, not to even mention “offers you can’t refuse” in the form of pricey loans for reconstruction and financial stability.

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2 Comments on "Scientists Scramble to Crack Monsoon Code: Weather Control Soon Behind?"

  1. whenever scientists are trying to crack something
    they usually do
    but the crack usually leads to more, bigger scarier problems
    maybe they should leave well enough along

  2. Jackedu317 | Jul 22, 2012 at 11:57 pm |

    “… the first step in developing accurate weather control tools…” seriously? the FIRST step? i guess nobody looks at the sky very often do they… lol. anyone ever research HAARP? or chemtrails? the weather has been manipulated for at least a decade here in the u.s. the air force said in the 90s that within a decade they would “own the weather”. those aren’t clouds you see… they’re chemical sprays that can create or dissipate storm systems anywhere they want. pay attention!!!

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