Scientology Gets Kicked In The Nuts

[disinfo ed.’s note: we hear ya, DeepCough…]

Boy, y’know, Disinfo has been in a bit of slump lately, what with the recycling of posts and the videos of the lame journailistic trolling of WAC, I decided to submit this video to give Disinfo the swift kick in the fucking nuts that it needs, goddammit.

  • DeepCough

    I was just venting Disinfo, nothing personal, man.

    • JaceD

      haha I like your blurb. I’ve recently been reading old articles on the site prior to my discovery of disinfo, it’s interesting comparing the older material to the current… I’m sure you appreciate the difference.

      • Chaorder Gradient

        heh seems like everyone feels the same way, I started listening to the whole disinfo podcast (i’m almost out, maybe i’ll try out Out There Radio, they talk about it enough).

        • Calypso_1

          I would hate to see you go.  I feel you though.  Different winds are calling. The truth is that the things that need be explored don’t seem to lend themselves as well to this format anymore. The barbarians came through the gate and set up camp too long ago. That and a systemic intrusion of the powers that be and market influence.

        • JaceD

          I haven’t listened to many of the podcasts, they’re always very interesting so I should really listen to more.

  • Jackedu317

    i feel dumber for having watched this… has anyone seen “idiocracy”? i think we’re there…

    • StaringAtWalls

      It’s the only thing that has managed to cut through my current deep abyss of depression and make me expel a puff of air through my lungs – which almost resembled a laugh.

    • anechoic
  • Zenc

    Hmm, I’ve looked at this from a few different angles and even squinted my eyes, but I just can’t see what this has to do with Scientology.

    I hate it when I’m the last on to get a joke.

    • Calypso_1

      I thought it might be in reference to the WAC post title gaffe. 

    • DeepCough

      FYI: Jason Lee and Ethan Suplee, who get kicked in the nuts in the video during the billiard scene, are affiliated with the Church of Scientology.

      • Zenc

        Ahh, I had no idea.

        Thanks for the help, I’d have never figured that out on my own, but then again, I don’t watch a lot of TV.