Study: Sunbed Tanning Kills 800 People In Europe Every Year

When the quest for the outward appearance of vibrant health hastens death. AFP reports:

Sunbed users run a 20 percent higher risk than non-users of developing skin cancer, according to a report that blamed some 800 melanoma deaths in Europe every year on indoor tanning.

About 3,400 of some 64,000 new cases of cutaneous melanoma diagnosed in 18 European countries every year are related to sunbed use — more than five percent, said a statement issued by the BMJ medical journal. The risk doubled if tanners started before the age of 35.

The findings were based on an analysis by researchers of 27 studies on skin cancer and sunbed use conducted between 1981 and 2012 in Britain, France, Germany and other countries.

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  • Jin The Ninja

    i could say it…the thing all us PoCs are thinking when we read an article like this… but i’ll refrain

    • JaceD

      You’re so racist Jin! It’s not the poor whities fault they don’t have our natural golden glow.

      • Jin The Ninja

        😛 how did you know!?!?!

        • JaceD

          haha, oh it was just a wild shot in the dark! (no pun intended)

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