‘The Forbidden Book’ Co-Author Joscelyn Godwin on Occult of Personality Podcast

Scholar of occult history and co-author, with Guido Mina di Sospiro, of esoteric thriller The Forbidden Book is a guest on the Occult of Personality podcast:

Godwin begins the interview describing his background as a professor of musicology and his specialization in analysis of the Western esoteric tradition. From a young age, taboo subjects fascinated him, inevitably leading to an interest in esotericism. Next, he describes how he co-wrote The Forbidden Book with novelist Guido Mina di Sospiro over the course of several years as a way to explore his creative urges and as a challenging departure from non-fiction books, for which he is so well known. The Forbidden Book explores themes of magick, alchemy, and symbolism juxtaposed with political extremism and violence. In addition, the novel is based upon a real “forbidden book” – Il mondo magico de gli heroi (the magickal world of the hero), an seventeenth-century Italian text by Cesare Della Riviera.

Listen to the interview at Occult of Personality.