The Six Most Popular Crime Fighting Tactics (That Don’t Work)

Robert Evans at Cracked on how the six most popular zero-tolerance/ad hoc policies and laws to deter crime, incidentally–and quite ironically–cause it to flourish all the more.

The problem is that in order to differentiate a “drugs BAD” area from the surrounding “drugs kinda not OK, we guess” areas, someone needs to set actual borders of the drug-free zone. The particular border distance the authorities picked was 1,000 feet from the premises, which sounds pretty reasonable on paper … until you think about just how many schools and other kid-frequented zones there are in any urban area. Each of those is itself a “don’t sell drugs here” zone, plus a ring of about three city blocks in every direction. At which point you will probably find yourself on the border of another drug-free zone. When you map out all of the intersecting circles, basically every city is one giant, pulsating mass of overlapping drug-free zones.

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3 Comments on "The Six Most Popular Crime Fighting Tactics (That Don’t Work)"

  1. all crime fighting tactics work
    you just need to understand
    that it’s not really about fighting crime

    it’s about keeping people inline
    and reminding them that Big Homelander is watching

    the land of the free has more armed cops
    than any country in the world
    has more people in prison than any country in the world
    and has the most docile, F-ed up the arse people than any country in the whirled
    now that’s crime fighting at it’s finest

  2. It really all summarizes into the famous line “What you resist persists.”

    If you try to fight bubblegum, you end up giving a lot of energy to bubblegum and it becomes really popular, something to talk about, and damn tasty.

    Whatever you fight, you make stronger. Read the Tao Te Ching, it’s written quite plainly in several verses.

    If you want to fight illiteracy, you focus on literacy.
    If you want to fight war, you focus on peace.
    If you want to end drug use, you have to make sobriety really awesome. (just kidding… or am I?)

    Portugal clearly has the answer, but at BuzzCoastin points out… things are actually working just as they’re supposed to. Why not just leave the country? =D That’s what I did!

  3. The “drug-free zone” thing never made sense to me. Is there such a thing as a “drug-friendly zone” where you’re allowed to sell crack? Who really thought that a silly street sign was going to influence criminal behavior? 

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