Thomas Kean Opens Up About Bohemian Grove

Via WeAreChange:

After a lecture at the Drew University, Thomas Kean, Chair of the 9/11 Commission and Former Governor of New Jersey, opens up about his time at Bohemian Grove to Luke Rudkowski. The former governor admits he stayed with George Schultz, Colin Powell and Steve Wynn in a cabin at Bohemian Grove.


Luke Rudkowski is an independent journalist, activist, live streamer and founder of
  • unusually unusual

    I know all about Bohemian Grove. It’s little more than a covert meeting spot for powerful homosexuals. Let’s just say this is where Nixon got his nickname “Tricky Dick”.

    • Gore Vidal

      Why haven’t I been invited then?

      • unusually unusual

        The majority of these men spend the rest of their time ranting and raving about how evil Homosexuals are, so inviting outsiders to their orgies is a good way to blow the secret.

        • Zenc

          Are you trying to say that powerful men who regularly rant and rave about the evils of homosexuality aren’t frequently caught because they’ve been indiscreet with the male hookers they’ve brought back to their hotel rooms and partied with, or hired as a companion from a gay male gigolo site as a vacation companion or indiscriminately tried to proposition in an airport bathroom?

          • unusually unusual

            Thats the joke Zenc.

          • Zenc

            Just wanted to make sure…

        • chinagreenelvis

          It’s a good way to blow something, alright.

      • Zenc

        Probably because Gore Vidal was honest and had class.

        That might make him a curiosity at Bohemian Grove but not the right kid of “curious”.

  • Iconography

    WOW – POWERFUL, SHOCKING REVELATIONS, LUKE! Great job to the We Are Crazy team of crack, investigative reporters! LMAO

  • Jesus Borg

    that cop looks gay

    • Zenc

      Sometimes the Female to Male transsexual process doesn’t
      convincingly masculinize the face on the first try. I’m sure we’ve all
      seen cases where a MTF transsexual still needed some work. Take Ann
      Coulter for example. Pretty convincing job for the most part but that
      Adams Apple needs a shave. (at least they did succeed in the part of
      the process where they suck half the brain out)

      Maybe a breast reduction and some brow ridges and this cop will be
      indistinguishable from thugs on either side of him on the riot squad,
      except that this cop should know better than to be a tool of
      oppression,  having likely been on the receiving it of it at some point.

      • Anarchy Pony

        You’re on a roll tonight.

  • Camron Wiltshire

    Luke, I would splice in a shot of the ‘mock’ sacrifice of care after you bring it up for more impact in the future.  Some folks have  no idea what bohemian grove is here, but seeing the world ‘elite’ in hooded robes burning an effigy of a chid in front of a giant stone owl is definitely a picture worth a thousand words if you catch my drift.

    Good work again, please continue to bring up Building 7 and if nothing else to keep it fresh in his mind that we know.  

    Peace and Gratitude for covering the shadows.

    • Iconography

      translation: “bugga bugga boo! woooohhhoo! bigfoot! ufos!” 

      • Andrew
        • Everett Zenser

      • unusually unusual

        For once in his life, the moron Camron Wiltshire is correct.

        • Zenc

          That is neither polite nor true.

          • unusually unusual

            Look, this meeting has some serious homosexual undertones.

            It sounds like some Gay men getting away from the Beard to have some fun with the boys.

          • chinagreenelvis

            Lyrics to a Kenny Loggins song?

          • Camron Wiltshire

            Thank you Zenc.  You are one of the most eloquent and informed commenters here.  Appreciate your kindness on my behalf.

          • Zenc

            Daddy loved me enough to beat a sense of common decency into me, thank goodness.

            Additionally direct insults (especially ad hominem) aren’t that interesting to me and well below our level of capability here.

            I prefer the kind of insults where you seem to be talking a little intellectual excursion with someone when you realize that somewhere along the way they’ve figuratively icepicked your kidneys…

            However, as far as my eloquence and insight, I don’t amount to a pimple on the ass of someone like VoxMagi or a few others whom I admire here. 

            It would be nice to see more people understand that you don’t have to agree with someone in order to appreciate their contribution to the discussion. In fact if you already agreed with everyone, there wouldn’t even be a discussion, just a prayer meeting.

            Even though I don’t always agree with posters and commenters like Colby Hess, Jin the Ninja (glad you’re back), Anti-Crowley, BuzzCoastin, the esteemed VoxMagi, or even You, that’s ok because I’m here for the differences.

            There’s plenty of time for narcissistic self absorption later.

      • Andrew

         I didn’t know Putin was a member of the Bohemian Club!

  • zombieslapper

    Um… K.

  • BrianApocalypse

    Wow, the shocking story of one man’s weekend camping trip! This is going to change the world!