US Air Force Training for Battle Against High-Tech Enemies

Photo Credit: Department of Defense

Via Raw Story:

With operations in Afghanistan ending in 2014, the United States Air Force is turning its eye toward preparing its pilots for battle against enemies with sophisticated air combat capabilities. Could this be another indication that the United States is gearing up for war with Iran or North Korea?

In day and night time battles, they faced off against US pilots flying F-15 and F-16 fighter jets painted in camouflage resembling the patterns on Russian warplanes.

The red team pilots are part of dedicated “aggressor” squadrons that work full-time at emulating tactics of potential enemies, based on the latest intelligence analysis from spy agencies.

Commanders are also increasingly adding simulated underground targets to red flag scenarios, officials said, training pilots on techniques that might be required if the United States moves to take out buried nuclear sites in North Korea or Iran.

“Underground targets are becoming more of a factor, especially with Iran, North Korea scenarios,” Thompson said. “These are very hard to find, hard to destroy.”

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7 Comments on "US Air Force Training for Battle Against High-Tech Enemies"

  1. SmokinTokinJokinBrit | Jul 30, 2012 at 3:24 pm |

    I cant imagine the kind of destruction following two advanced and heavily armed nations going to war, i mean between the Emp weapons, uranium shells, high explosive missiles and thermobaric bombs, most battlefields will be rendered inhospitable. not to mention what happens when one side faces defeat, FOAB, MOAB, tactical and thermonuclear weapons. it would be the war that ends the future for us all, no matter where we live.

  2. Next up: Iran, because Israel (with whom we’re treaty-bound) wants it so bad they’re wetting their pants. 

  3. I like how they mis-credited the photo “Department of Defense” when they should have credited it “Department of Sticking Our Noses in Other Countries’ Business, Then Killing Them, And FUCK You If You Don’t Like It.”

  4. > preparing its pilots for battle against enemies with sophisticated air combat capabilities

    the US Air Force is larger
    than the top 10 Air Forces in the world combined
    it has the most sophisticated planes fake money can buy
    and if you add all the planes in the other services
    Uncle Homeland has more military aircraft than all the militaries of the world

    North Korea can’t even grow food
    and uses old Soviet Migs
    Iran has Chinese & Russian planes
    whcih are already 10 years behind Uncle Homelands planes

    the only real threat to Uncle Homeland’s AF
    is Uncle Homeland his self

    • Isn’t it also a sad fact that if you have the outranking military force it’s the population that becomes the most valuable target?

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