Welcome To Yodaville: The Fake City In The Arizona Desert

BLDGBLOG on a town built by Air Force for the purpose of being bombed into oblivion, over and over:

Yodaville is a fake city in the Arizona desert used for bombing runs by the U.S. Air Force. Writing for Air & Space Magazine back in 2009, Ed Darack wrote that, while tagging along on a training mission, he noticed “a small town in the distance—which, as we got closer, proved to have some pretty big buildings, some of them four stories high.”

As one instructor tells Darack, “The urban layout is actually very similar to the terrain in many villages in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

The Urban Target Complex, or UTC, was soon “lit up with red tracer rounds and bright yellow and white rocket streaks,” till it “looked like it was barely able to keep standing”:

The artillery and mortars started firing, troops advanced toward the target complex, and aircraft of all types—carefully controlled by students on the mountain top—mounted one attack run after another. At one point so much smoke and dust filled the air above the “enemy” that nothing could be seen of the target—just one of the real-world problems the students had to learn to cope with that day.

4 Comments on "Welcome To Yodaville: The Fake City In The Arizona Desert"

  1. i’m not sure how i feel about this but i will say that it is undeniably fucked up.

  2. These places are not exactly secret.

  3. glad they didn’t waste this money on education, health care or social services
    that way Americans can be just like the Afghans 

  4. Anarchy Pony | Jul 12, 2012 at 12:29 am |

    Too bad they can’t be on the ground during a bombing raid. Watching their family and friends getting blown apart or vaporized, feeling the incredible pressure wave blow their breath out of their lungs, or bursting their eardrums or crushing their eyeballs. 

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