WikiLeaks Wins Case Against VISA In Iceland

The Icelandic courts have ruled that the major global credit card companies cannot block donations to WikiLeaks. Any hope that the United States and other developed nations will see the light? Russia Today reports:

The Reykjavík District Court has ruled that Valitor, formerly known as VISA Iceland, violated contract laws by blocking credit card donations to Wikileaks, according to a press release posted on the whistleblowers’ Twitter account. The court also ordered that the donation gateway should be reopened within 14 days otherwise Valitor will be forced to pay a fine of $6,200 daily.

In June, Datacell, the Iceland-based company that processed donations for WikiLeaks, filed a case against Valitor, the company behind VISA and MasterCard, for “unlawfully suspending financial services”.

The blockade stripped away over 95% of donations from supporters of WikiLeaks, costing the organization in excess of $20 million. Datacell’s director Olafur Sigurvinsson told reporters he was amazed at the double stadards: “I can support Al-Qaeda, the Ku Klux Klan, buy weapons and drugs and all kinds of porn with my Visa card. There is nobody investigating this, but I cannot support a human rights organisation which is fighting for freedom of expression.”

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  1. Humanity 1 

    Corporate Scum 0

  2. buffalo beano | Jul 17, 2012 at 5:23 pm |

    Visa sucks ..

  3. BitCoin
    it ain’t easy yet
    but it’s anonymous
    and not controlled by banksters
    and it will replace the whore banksters one day 

  4. Go Iceland Go! I love you, you half frozen/ half volcanic hunk of awesomeness!!!

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