World Must Be About To End: USDA Promotes Meatless Mondays

A searingly hot summer that’s affecting 88% of the United States’ corn crop has the government forecasting meat prices up to 5% higher next year. Perhaps that what caused the USDA, normally a staunch meat booster, to promote Meatless Mondays. This seemingly sage advice (vegetables are farm crops too, remember) to take a weekly day off from meat has many Americans even more hot and bothered. Amy Harmon reports for the New York Times:

The message seemed innocuous enough, coming as it did from the federal agency tasked with promoting sustainable agriculture and dietary health: “One simple way to reduce your environmental impact while dining at our cafeterias,” read a United States Department of Agriculture interoffice newsletter published on its Web site this week, “is to participate in the ‘Meatless Monday’ initiative.”

Thousands of corporate cafeterias, restaurants and schools have embraced the idea of skipping meat on Mondays in favor of vegetarian options, an initiative of the nonprofit Monday Campaign Inc. and the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.

But by Tuesday afternoon, amid outraged Twitter messages by livestock producers and at least one member of Congress, the agency’s “Greening Headquarters Update” had been removed. “U.S.D.A. does not endorse Meatless Monday,” a spokeswoman said in a statement…

[continues in the New York Times]


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4 Comments on "World Must Be About To End: USDA Promotes Meatless Mondays"

  1. charlieprimero | Jul 26, 2012 at 2:01 pm |

    Resource Scarcity Meme
    Global Warming Meme
    Humans Are a Cancer Meme
    Government Reform Meme

    The NYT is so tedious.

    • Jin The Ninja | Jul 26, 2012 at 2:11 pm |

      we can only follow market edicts. the market dictates, the consumer buys. end of story.
      everything else is just commie gubmint drivel.

  2. Meat will go up more than 5% if grain goes up 30% – 50%. Even though meat is heavily subsidised by the US government i don’t think they can bail it out to the degree it would need to keep the increase below 20%.

  3. Humans are jackasses.

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