Are We the Invisible Masters?

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‘Invisible Masters’ pop up in surprising places. Madame Blavatsky’s Theosophy movement, founded and maintained in part from communication with discarnate beings, influenced folks as disparate as Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Frank Loyd Wright and the 33rd Vice President of the United States, Henry Wallace.  Even Napoleon Hill, whose book on success, Think and Grow Rich, has remained at the top of Business Week’s list of best sellers for over 70 years, admited later in his career to having received his inspriation from a council of 33 ‘invisible masters.’

The question is, exactly who are these masters?

Dr. Andrija Puharich, a researcher who worked with the Stanford Research Institute during their human potential studies brought this concept into the late 20th century during his experiments in communicating with with a group of discarnate galactic intelligences called ‘The Nine.’ Over 2 decades he met with some of the most influential socialites, military and intelligence officers, and scientists such as Arthur Young, who invented the Bell Helicopter, in a series of seances that brought forth supposed revelations for humanities future.

How much influence did this have on shaping culture in the late 20th century? We’ll probably never know, but a series of experiments conducted in Canada during the same period leads us to ask, outside of the potential for a straight up con, are these really discarnate entities, or are the experimenters themselves stuck in a powerful feed back loop with their own consciousness? And if so, what does it say that our invisible masters don’t know who they’ve been talking to.

“During the 1970s a group from the Toronto Society for Psychical Research, along with a Dr. A.R.G. Owen (who was a mathematician) meet in order to see if they could, in essence, create a ghost. The group was comprised of Dr. Owen, his wife, a former chairperson of Mensa, an industrial designer, an accountant, a housewife, a bookkeeper and a sociology student. Additionally a psychologist by the name of Dr. Joel Whitton would also attend some of their experiments. The original idea was that this group of people could create a ghost seemingly by meditating on the idea of him including the history of the ghost. They would then attempt to make contact with this discarnate entity through séances and gain information from it…

…As a part of their weekly meetings the group would come together and meditate on both the image of Philip and also his history. The group did this for about a year with no positive results. Some members of the group did claim during this time that they were able to sense a presence, but apparently nothing that was verifiable. The group was quite determined and rather than let the last year be for waste they decided to change up the tactics a bit. In order to have better results with conjuring Philip, the group began to replicate the séances of old.

Candle light, sitting around a table, soft music playing, the whole thing. They  even had pictures of castles like the one Philip would have lived in, had he ever actually lived that is. This new method seemed to do the trick. During one of the group’s séances, they began to receive communication from an entity. Through a series of rappings (reminiscent of the early Spiritualism movement) the group was able to determine that they were finally talking with Philip. The entity revealed this to the group through a series of raps. Speaking through raps, Philip continued to display his own unique attitude. This was discovered by how long Philip would pause in between answering the questions which the researchers posed to him…At the end of the day it’s hard to say what it was that was actually occurring in this situation. It certainly seems to fit in with the concept of the tulpa, especially as explained by [Alexandra] David-Neel in her classic work on the topic, [Magic and Mystery in Tibet]. I only wish that more of the documentary existed so that it could be seen. Ostensibly, if this experiment was truly as easy as the group proclaimed I suppose that anyone could conceivably do this at home. Before you do decide to go through with this and conjure your own ghost, I feel I must leave you with a parting warning from David-Neel:
“…..the practice is considered as fraught with danger for everyone who ….is not aware of the nature of the psychic forces at work in the process. Once the tulpa is endowed with enough vitality to be capable of playing the part of a real being, it tends to free itself from its maker’s control…..Sometimes the phantom becomes a rebellious son and one hears of uncanny struggles that have taken place between magicians and their creatures, the former being severely hurt or even killed by the latter.” (pg 313)”

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  1. The invisible Masters are not that invisible anymore.  They are living in the everyday world in major cities (London, New York, Rome, Tokyo, Geneva, Los Angeles etc.).  If you wanted to meet one, you likely would not run into one.  If you were doing work of value to them, the chances are higher of having some type of interaction.  Some of them, particularly Maitreya and Jesus, have made a point of attending lectures by Benjamin Creme and others speaking on the same subject specifically since speaking about the actuality of the Masters of Wisdom being in the world, particularly the senior Master the World Teacher Maitreya, is of importance to the Masters.

    The hypothesizing of the existence of these illumined Buddhas would cease if humanity would respond to the multitude of clues – from crop circles to the now present ‘star’ to miracles to fulfillment of their predictions to actual appearances (Maitreya made around 200 appearances to fundamentalist religious gatherings in the 1990s and in the last two years has made around 60 appearances on US, Mexican and Brazilian television without using his name) – and ask to see them.  Which would be easier to do if the media actually reported the information that they have in their hands.

    That we do not as a society know the Masters as a matter of fact and see them openly working in society is one of, if not the greatest, injustices of our time.

    •  Benjamin Creme is fucking hilarious dude. When I was about 10 my friend’s parents had a “Matrieya Will Reveal Himself” poster. It had 1982 (or whatever the year was) printed on the poster, and they had marked in pen below it, 1983, 1984 … etc.
      Creme has been running the same rap forever and produced zero credible evidence of his claims that Matrieya has appeared before large crowds, etc. For a while there were pics of a guy in a robe he claimed to be the man, but those were thoroughly debunked, along with the supposed mass sighting. No lack of work o the media here … just a bunch of lame PR by Creme about false mass sightings. When people follow-up, there’s been no evidence.

      I have no problem with Mr. Creme’s philosophy, but creating a fake savior and attributing your writing to it is a cheap & manipulative way to get your message out. It’s staggering that it’s been the same rap since the 70’s and people still buy it. Look under your bed … nope, no Matrieya. Look in the Mirror .. now you’re getting closer.

      • Share International published the story about how Apartheid ended.  It went that Maitreya went to Nelson Mandela in his jail and asked him to write a letter to President de Klerk requesting that apartheid end.  Maitreya then appeared to de Klerk and asked de Klerk to take the action that is now known as history.  Later I saw Nelson Mandela on Oprah Winfrey.  Mandela told his part of the story exactly as reiterated in Share International.

        I had a friend who had been very disappointed when Maitreya did not come forward after all the major world media had been at a 1982 press conference in Los Angeles and had been presented the information about Maitreya.   The only thing the media had to do is have one representative go to London and go through the motions of looking for him.  None did – which continues to be the constant challenge.  This friend continued to do the associated meditations but the complaint became that the energies that pour through this story were far too potent.

        Maitreya can appear and be known by those who are there:
        The Masters can continue to produce miracles:

        Yet nothing will quell the mind which does not want to do the disciplined inquiry.  I have a teacher who taught the power in the disciplines.  His perspective is that if you wanted to perceive the extraordinary, you had to persistently and intensely pursue with the same discipline as a top scientist would do to find a breakthrough in their field.  Yet the inquiry into this extraordinary story has nearly always received an arm chair look.  Though some, like Arthur Young mentioned above, most likely had their experiences.  Young had monthly gatherings at his house in Berkeley where an eclectic, highly disiplined group of mainly scientists would show up.  I attended once when there was a presentation on Billy Meir’s research and another on Young’s theory why dinosaurs could have attained such size.  Young was the opposite of a woman Benjamin Creme talks about.  While taking a walk with Mr. Creme, this woman complained that she had never seen a UFO.  Right after, a UFO came closely into view astounding the woman.  By the time they arrived at her house and she had gone inside, she was swearing that she had saw nothing.

        Most people are like this woman.  The few are like Arthur Young which has consistently been the challenge for the Masters.

        • Calypso_1 | Aug 8, 2012 at 1:14 pm |

          In the church video someone was manipulating the camera angle to make the solar hyperbola appear as if the Earth was actually going around the Sun – pure chicanery.

  2. Investinourftre | Aug 7, 2012 at 12:06 pm |

    We are capable of so much more than we are led to believe.  Look in front of you do you see the fabric?  Are you the eyes you are looking from or do you feel you are somehow seperate and merely a viewer?  Try to pull away from your mind and travel, you are magick just as you are capable thereof.  You are created, just as you are capable thereof.  Embrace imagination because it has created your World.  Be weary of your eyes because they plan to tell you otherwise.  Understand your hands because they are your tool.  Listen to self brought not by sound.  Keep your eyes on the sky and through the sky you are bound.

  3. Hazy Daisy | Aug 7, 2012 at 12:44 pm |

    In a biography of Aleister Crowley it is recorded that when the great magician was at last granted an audience with the Ascended Masters what he saw was a circle of gravestones.

  4. Are We the Invisible Masters?
    Are wee the We?

  5. This also relates to the  symbolic ending of “The HOLY MOUNTAIN” film by Jodorowski.
    The seekers go through all sorts of trials and tests, shedding their egos & ascending the mountain to meet the Secret Illuminated Masters … when they reach the peak, they find the “masters” were simply a prop. The secret masters are those who sought them to the point of discovering & becoming the Secret Master or perfect Buddha inside all of us.

  6. Writeous | Aug 8, 2012 at 2:11 am |

    Infinite and Eternal Divine Blessings to The Council of 33 ‘Invisible Masters’ and all Invisible Masters.

  7. Monkey See Monkey Do | Aug 8, 2012 at 4:15 am |

    Everybody’s a Tulpa.

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