Army Shopping for New Video Game to Train Troops

Via Kotaku:
The United States Army is shopping for a new video game training aid for its Games for Training program, and it has some very specific requirements:

Also notable is how explicitly oriented the new Army shooter is toward fighting “small wars”. The Army wants a game that includes more than 50 types and models of civilian vehicles, from Taliban-endorsed Toyota Hilux pickup trucks to bicycles, more than 100 civilian structures from factories and mosques to trash piles, and traffic control gear such as spike strips and speed bumps. After a decade of fighting two wars, the Pentagon isn’t salivating at the prospect of doing more counterinsurgency, but the new shooter game suggests that the Army is girding for it anyway.

It appears that the Army is still acting as if the United States won’t be leaving the Middle East any time soon – not that there was ever any doubt.

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8 Comments on "Army Shopping for New Video Game to Train Troops"

  1. they’re working on a new big training game called
    Invade the USA

    • The Baffler | Aug 1, 2012 at 11:23 pm |

      It’s sequel will be all about fragging whatever officer is dumb enough to issue those orders.

      • the flip side of all this video training is
        that the people resisting Invasion USA
        will be equally well trained
        unlike the other times when the Army was used
        like Watts, LA 92, Detroit 67 etc
        when there was no instructional videos on how to fight the pigs
        the Army will be renamed the National Homeland Guard
        and it will be there to protect wee the sheeple

  2. Haystack | Aug 1, 2012 at 8:41 pm |

    You can pick up a second-hand Whack-a-Mole machine for $100. Won’t that do? 

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