As Greenland Ice Melts, A New Front Opens in the Resource Wars

Raw Story

As the world’s supply of precious rare earth minerals continue to dwindle, industrial nations scramble to find – and in some cases, monopolize – new potential sources. Raw Story reports that Greenland’s melting arctic ice could expose new deposits of the precious minerals. However, getting to them could be difficult.

The scramble for the Arctic is part of a bigger pattern, a looming resource crunch that connects commuters delayed by stolen power lines to vanishing manhole covers across Europe – a crunch fuelled by severe pressure on key commodities across the world. Rapid economic growth in large developing nations – China, India, Brazil and others – along with growing urbanisation and a swelling global population set to top 9 billion have made unprecedented demands on natural resources. In the past few years, we have seen a series of food crises, soaring fossil fuel prices and hikes in the cost of key traditional raw materials such as iron, steel and copper, as well as the rare earths.

Countries in control of such resources can take a commanding position in the world economy. China realised this some years ago and has not only cornered the market in rare earths but embarked on a land grab to secure its food supplies. Other countries have been slower off the mark, but are trying to catch up.

The race for resources is threatening some of the world’s most fragile environments, from the Arctic to the Amazon, from Madagascar to Papua New Guinea.

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4 Comments on "As Greenland Ice Melts, A New Front Opens in the Resource Wars"

  1. Smathart | Aug 1, 2012 at 6:21 pm |

    Yeah, agent smith was right. We are a virus. 

    • Anarchy Pony | Aug 1, 2012 at 10:02 pm |

      No, certain human social constructs and societies promote virus-like behavior.

  2. this is hilarious
    the ice sheet melts
    and instead of being alarmed
    the morons scramble for profits from the destruction

    surely those who evolve beyond this form of homo sapiens
    will wonder if wee had any intelligence at all or
    if wee happened to be some type of idiot savant race

  3. Cheemail | Aug 2, 2012 at 9:35 am |

    This whole article smells fishy to me. The reason for the food crises is nothing to do with population or economic growth. The food crises were caused by spikes in the price of corn brought on by ethanol production. 
    The amount of corn required to fuel an ethanol vehicle for one day is enough to feed a person for a year. Ethanol is an extremely wasteful fuel resource that is being pursued by massive agriculture firms as they try to cash in on the U.S. government’s drive to get away from mid-east oil. This is itself part of a grand strategic play to cut Saudi Arabia off from Western capital and thus deprive the main terror-funding state of its ability to project jihad and fascism across the world. 

    Rare earth minerals are not ‘dwindling.’ It is a destructive myth that we have limited resources on this earth. The reason that they appear to be dwindling is that existing mines and processing facilities are being pushed to their limits to serve global demand. This is an artificial state caused by the greed of the owners of the means of production. They deliberately restrict production in order to feign scarcity and drive up prices as high as they like. Exxon-Mobil does this with oil and China does it with rare earths. There is an incredible abundance of all resources on the earth, but the Owners refuse to develop them because it is more profitable to shareholders to extract a higher payment per unit than it is to produce a higher volume of material. 

    This article also follows the tired path of blaming the ‘BRIC’ countries, Brazil, Russia, India, and China, for the apparent shortage of resources. Those countries are always being set up as some sort of economic bogeyman because they are emerging economic superpowers. They threaten to upset the ‘balance’ of power which favours the USA and the EU above all other trade partners. The success of the BRIC countries undermines the monopoly that the EU and USA hold on the global markets, a monopoly maintained by their joint tool, NATO. 

    “Resource War” rhetoric should always be held suspect in western press. It should ALWAYS be held suspect because it is a subtle propaganda message that is used to justify eternal, total world war for the sake of stealing developed resources from other nations instead of developing our own. Resource War is for those nations whose leadership would rather wait for others to do the work for them than do it themselves. It is for overgrown abused children who want to play war with the world.

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